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Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Kendall tells Greenlee the truth about Spike; Erica has a Christmas surprise for everyone. Adam believes Krystal and Tad are pulling his leg.

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Adam believes Krystal and Tad are pulling one over on him. He tells Tad to stop or he'll regret it! Babe and Colby are equally stunned. Seeing that things are going to take a turn, Julia gathers the kids to take them outside and away from the adult conversation. Before she can leave Opal and Ruth walk in and Adam gives them the "good news". Tad's moms are stunned. Adam points out that Tad and Krystal can't be married because she still hasn't divorced Adam yet! Krystal holds up the divorce papers - the papers that were in her bag at the chapel - which have been signed. Adam still doesn't want to believe it. Tad pulls out their marriage certificate and that finally convinces Adam that they aren't joking. He pulls Krystal aside and asks where he fits in her family. "You don't," Krystal says and tells him that she can't have him in her life any longer. She asks why he is really there. Adam says it doesn't matter. He remains focused on Krystal's marriage, asking what will happen when she needs him in her bed. Krystal says it doesn't matter. "You have a piece of my heart, Adam, but you're not the only one," she says, telling him that she can't forgive his taking Jenny from her. Adam makes excuses but Krystal doesn't believe him. She tells him that though she still loves him he scares her to death. Back in the living room Tad's moms turn to him and tell him they won't talk about the seriousness of his new marriage on Christmas Day. They tell him, though, that they'll have many questions tomorrow! Julia pulls Tad outside and asks him why he married Krystal. He admits that it was only for Jenny's sake. Tad returns inside and Adam goes off on him about children, telling Tad that with Colby and JR in his life he doesn't need one more kid around. "You won't even miss her," he says and storms out. Colby follows him and asks if she can come back home for a bit. Wanting to be alone, Adam tells Colby to stay with Tad. Julia comes outside and tells him how heartless he is being with Colby. Adam leaves anyway. Colby returns inside, receives a call from Sean and tells everyone that Greenlee and Zach have been found and are okay.

Back at the Chandler mansion, Adam takes the adoption record and says Tad will never need it.

In Greenlee's hospital room, everyone is relieved when she opens her eyes and begins to breathe on her own. She tells Aidan she came back because of him! Joe asks them all to leave. Erica asks him if Jack, at least, can stay but Joe won't allow it. Kendall hurries from the room and doesn’t stop to talk to Ryan and Annie, who have just arrived. Jack, Erica and Aidan come out of Greenlee's room and fill them in. A few minutes later the doctors clear Jack to visit Greenlee. At her bedside Jack asks her how she managed to get through the past month locked in a bomb shelter. Greenlee tells him that Zach helped pull her through. Aidan walks in and stays with Greenlee for a while. Jack makes a few calls to spread the good news. Livia arrives. Across the room Sean calls Colby to give her the news.

In Zach's room, Myrtle tells Zach to stop sweet-talking her and just get better - and get home! She turns to go but Zach tells her to stay. She can't, because she is going to church. "Put in a good word for a new friend," Zach says. Myrtle leaves. A few seconds later Kendall walks in and tells him that Aidan saved Greenlee's life. "It has to be a miracle," she says as Josh walks in with Ian. Zach holds his son for the first time in weeks. "My boy," he says in awe. Kendall sits with them for a few moments and then returns to the waiting room. Josh and Ryan want news about Zach but Kendall asks for a little time alone. She goes to the window, sits down and becomes teary. Erica sits with her, telling her it is okay to let all of the emotion out. Kendall can't. She tells Erica that she stopped believing that Zach would return but doesn't tell her about sleeping with Aidan.


Back in Zach's room Josh fills him in on all the happenings since he has been gone. Josh assures Zach that he hasn't missed a thing because he's been putting every move the boys have made on tape. Zach thanks him for moving in with Kendall and helping her out. "You're my brother now," Zach says. Ryan and Annie come in with Spike and Zach holds both of his boys for a while. In the hall Josh runs in to Kendall, who thanks him for all of his help. She returns to Zach's side. Josh asks Erica why she gets all misty-eyed around Kendall; Erica says it's a mom thing, but that fathers can feel it to. She points toward Zach and Kendall, together with their boys, in the hospital room. Emma arrives with a few presents for Zach, all hand made by her. She asks what happened while he was gone. Without giving her the bad details, Zach says he was on a trip but he wasn't afraid because he kept "visiting" his family in his head. Zach grabs a teething ring for Ian; Emma asks if she can put on her princess dress and Kendall says she needs to see Greenlee. Annie takes Emma out, leaving Erica to sit with Spike, Zach and Ian. She speaks to him softly and Zach pretends not to be able to hear her. When she moves closer he kisses her and thanks her for helping Kendall through. Erica is touched. She leaves as Ryan, Annie and Emma return.


Ryan goes into Greenlee's room to see how she is doing. She tells him that thoughts of Aidan kept her alive. Ryan realizes that Aidan loves her more than Ryan ever could. Greenlee smiles and says it was worth the wait. When he leaves Kendall walks in. Crying, Kendall tells Greenlee that Spike isn't deaf because of her. "My son was deaf by the time your car crashed," she says. Greenlee can't believe it and begins to cry, too. Kendall begs for some reaction other than tears but Greenlee can only cry. She turns away from Kendall. Kendall turns to go but Greenlee asks her to wait. "It wasn't my fault?" she asks. Kendall nods. She tells Greenlee that she is glad Greens made it back alive and takes her hand.

In the hall Erica runs in to Jack and tells him she really is happy that Greenlee is back. She brings up their relationship but Jack refuses to talk about them, at least for the holiday. Everyone comes into the hall as Emma announces they are having a party. Zach and Kendall sit with the boys, Annie and Ryan sit with Emma - and then Bianca and Miranda walk in! They are welcomed with hugs and kisses. Julia arrives. Erica is carried in by two young orderlies. She makes a speech to all of them about love, family and happiness. She wishes everyone "Merry Christmas" and the crowd begins singing "Deck the Halls" as the kids begin dancing. Greenlee and Zach, sitting across the room from one another, lock eyes and smile.

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