A Christmas Miracle

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Doctor's work to save Greenlee. Tad and Krystal are married! Adam promises to tell Tad the truth. JR is cleared!

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At the Chandler mansion, Adam is wandering around telling himself that it won't matter if he tells Tad about Kate or not. His television turns on and pictures of Krystal, in labor with Jenny, come on! He can't turn off the television; next Adam tries the phone but no one answers his calls. The television keeps running the scene of Jenny's birth and he finally realizes how horrible he was to Krystal. He can't stop the television from playing the scene over and over. The next scene that pops up is Adam throwing Tad and Krystal out of the mansion. The "tape" begins to skip and next Adam sees himself giving Jenny over to Janet. He admits that wasn't a good decision. Next, he sees himself visiting Tad and offering to help him find Kate. The television gets stuck and repeats "Find Kate" over and over until Adam swears he will tell Tad the truth. The television stops skipping. Adam wonders if he ate something bad for dinner and a loud thunderclap is hear. "All right, I'll tell him I found his daughter," Adam says.


Tad and Krystal are finishing up a few decorating tasks and avoiding one another. Tad, unable to take the silence, asks if she is really okay with their decision. She says yes as Colby walks in with Jenny. Babe and little A arrive, ready for a Christmas feast. Julia and Kathy are the next guests to arrive. Julia congratulates Tad and Krystal for making up with one another. Colby brings up Adam, curious about why Krystal is at Tad's and not Adam's. Tad changes the subject and gets the kiddos interested in opening a few gifts before breakfast. With Kathy and little A distracted Tad hugs Julia. Kathy opens an ornament from Tad; it's a Martin family ornament so Kathy will know she is always part of his family. She and Tad hang the ornament. The kids open a few more presents. Babe pulls Krystal aside and asks what is going on between her and Tad. Krystal won't answer. Adam arrives and Tad reluctantly lets him in. Colby is excited to see her dad but everyone else is a bit restrained. Krystal begins to talk and Adam asks her to let him talk first. She won't let him. Tad interrupts and says he'll do the talking! Tad and Krystal begin arguing and Adam interrupts them, asking them to shut up so he can say what he has to say. Tad blurts out that he and Krystal got married last night!


On JR's yacht Amanda finally admits that she was with him the night of Zach's accident. She says she just wanted him to suffer for a while, the way she has been suffering because of him! Amanda rambles on about re-naming the yacht and stuns JR when she tells him that Adam gave the ship to her! JR finally puts two and two together and realizes that Adam knows something about Amanda's scheme. She tells him exactly what Adam gave her - $5 million and the yacht - and then says she was going to tell the cops everything as soon as Christmas was over. She brings up the DVD, which throws JR even more. Amanda tells JR about his DVD'd confession and swears she would have given it to the police. JR realizes that the DVD Adam asked him to put away must be the DVD Amanda made. She says she still has a copy. JR hands her his cell phone and demands that she call Derek right away. Derek arrives a while later and watches the DVD, which he says does clear JR. Then, Derek tells them that Zach is alive and well - and no longer missing! JR wants to go to the hospital to talk to Zach but Derek tells him that he has to return to the manse until the house-arrest is lifted. JR leaves. Derek tells Amanda she can do a lot better than JR and then asks her to stop by the station house to give her official statement. He leaves.


At the hospital, Jack is praying for Greenlee to get well. Erica arrives; Sean and Lily point her toward Jack, who says Greenlee isn't doing well. They watch Joe and the staff work on Greens through a window. Inside, Aidan begs Greens to fight. Joe shocks Greenlee again and gets a sinus rhythm. Joe asks Aidan to leave the room so the doctors can work. Before he leaves begs Greenlee once more to fight. In the hall he reports what he knows to Jack and Erica. "They got her back, but. . .," Aidan says. Sean interrupts with news that Lily is beginning to lose it. Erica offers to talk to Lily so Jack can stay near Greens. Erica tells Lily, who is shaking and rocking, that Greenlee is doing better. Lily can't understand why the doctors are yelling; Sean explains that they are simply doing their jobs. Erica reminds Lily of Ava's operation and Kendall's early delivery, telling her that Greenlee will be okay, too.


Kendall is sitting with Zach at the hospital, glad that he is back with her. Zach wakes and reminds her that he is right there. Kendall kisses him. Erica peeks in the door and continues on to Jack. Kendall tells Zach she is sorry for their argument and how she has treated him. Zach says it doesn't matter. Kendall hugs him again, telling Zach how she got through and how she helped the boys get through his absence. Zach asks about Greenlee but Kendall doesn't know anything. Erica walks back by but instead of talking to Kendall, she returns to Jack's side.


Erica sits with Jack in the waiting area, holding his hands. Across the room Sean is still trying to distract Lily, but Lily is focused on Greenlee. Lily crosses the room to tell Jack she loves him. Stunned, he tells her that he loves her, too. Lily turns away but then returns to Jack. She reaches out to him and takes his hand! Jack is shocked. They hear Joe calling out orders to the other doctor's. Kendall comes out of Zach's room to see what the fuss is about and they fill her in. Erica begins to pray. Jack is touched and begins to pray, too. Kendall tells Erica that Greenlee can't die.


Aidan walks down to the chapel and sits quietly. Father Clarence is there and tells him that if he prays God will hear. Aidan tells Clarence that praying won't heal Greenlee. Clarence brings up one of Aidan's army buddies, who was saved because of Aidan's efforts. "He just offered a prayer of thanks for you, saving his life so many years ago," Father Clarence says and encourages Aidan to have faith. Aidan says he will do anything to help Greens; Clarence tells him that love can get Greenlee through. "Love is magic. It's the world's most powerful medicine," he says. Aidan kneels and begins to pray as Sean comes running in. "You need to come back," Sean says. Aidan returns to the waiting area and bursts in to Greenlee's room as Joe loses her pulse and heartbeat again. He begins to cry. Jack, Erica and Kendall come in. Jack cries over Greenlee's body and Joe asks the other doctor to call out the time of death. Aidan begs them not to do it and turns to her, asking her to open her eyes. He holds her, telling her it isn't time for her to die. "You need to stay, darling, don't go," he says. Joe tells Aidan he has to let Greenlee go but Aidan can't. He holds her, crying, and Greenlee takes a breath! Joe hurries to check her vital signs and finds that she has a very weak pulse! Sean turns to Lily and smiles. Outside, Father Clarence quietly wishes them all a Merry Christmas and leaves.

Zach is trying to get out of his hospital bed to see what is going on in Greenlee's room when Myrtle walks in the room. "You came home, darlin', you came home," she says and hugs him.

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