Father Clarence Visits Adam

Friday, December 21st, 2007

Father Clarence has a few surprises up his sleeve. Aidan and Kendall get Greenlee and Zach to the hospital. JR remembers that night! Richie is taken back to the psych ward.

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Richie can't believe that Babe called Ryan to come and get him. "Are you afraid of me?" he asks incredulously. Babe says she just wants him out of her life so she can focus on little A and JR. Richie tries to manipulate Babe but Ryan won't allow that. Derek and the cops walk in, surprising Ryan and Babe. Richie says he called the cops! He says he doesn't want Babe to be afraid of him and this was the only way he could show her he isn't a threat! The police cuff Richie and take him away; he wishes Babe a merry Christmas on his way out. When he is gone Ryan turns to Babe, telling her that he was shocked to see that Richie really does have feelings for her. "With everybody else, he just works angles," Ryan says. Babe isn't interested in Ryan's apologies and tells him so. Ryan tells her she should still stay away from Richie, though. She asks what he really wants and Ryan tells her that he just wants her to understand that Richie is conning all of them and he can't be saved. Ryan leaves.


Adam invites JR to have a drink with him. JR angrily throws the glass at the wall. He tells Adam that he is having some memory flashes but when he can't give Adam exact details, Adam decides to keep Amanda's DVD to himself. Adam tells JR to relax and not force the issue which annoys JR even more. He turns to go upstairs but Adam stops him. Father Clarence watches them and as the arguing continues a blast of wind blows open the front doors! Frustrated with Adam, JR grabs his coat and leaves. Before Adam can follow, Father Clarence is at the door asking him about "presents" in his wall safe! Adam has no idea what is going on and begins to wonder who Clarence really is when he mentions Pigeon Hollow. Suddenly the wall safe opens and Clarence tells Adam that he knows about the DVD and the adoption document and says those are great Christmas presents. Adam orders Father Clarence to leave but Clarence won't budge. He brings up Adam's parents, insisting that they wouldn't do to Adam what he is doing to JR. Adam admits to Clarence that he is afraid JR will leave him for good if he turns over the DVD. Clarence says that won't happen. Adam reaches for Kathy/Kate's adoption papers. Clarence tells him that Kathy lost both her parents the year before and finding her biological father - Tad - this Christmas would be a huge gift for her. Father Clarence leaves the house. "Nobody tells me how to run this family," Adam says when Father Clarence is gone. Adam locks everything back in his safe. He turns to the sofa and sees the adoption paper. He turns and the safe is wide open again! Adam doesn't notice Father Clarence outside his window.


After leaving the mansion JR goes to the cemetery to visit Dixie's grave. He asks for her help. JR tells Dixie what has been happening with him and apologizes for letting her down. He tells Dixie that he is trying to do the right thing now, though. JR cleans off the grave, promising to stay sober from now on for her and for little A. JR has another memory flash and realizes it was Amanda who kept asking him to tell her his secrets; then he hears the radio announcer's voice, too. "I remember. I remember everything that happened that night," he says. JR goes to Amanda's. She tells him to leave her alone but JR won't back off. He tells her he remembers everything!


Quentin reaches Kendall in the bomb shelter. He wants to take her to the surface first but Kendall insists that he take Zach. They begin to ready Zach for the trip to the surface. They get Zach tied up and Aidan begins to lift him to the surface. As Zach is cleared, another piece of the wall collapses! Aidan gets Zach to the surface and Quentin calls for the rope. Zach is conscious long enough to caress Greenlee's face. Kendall tells Quentin to hold on to her so they can be lifted at the same time but he won't hold on to Kendall. As she is lifted, a little more of the walls cave in! When Kendall reaches the surface, Zach tells her to help Greenlee first. Meanwhile, Aidan is lowering the rope back to Quentin but Quentin is not answering Aidan's calls! Aidan begins pulling and finally gets Quentin to the top as the rest of the walls collapse. He and Aidan make plans to carry Zach and Greenlee out on the sled. They make it to Quentin's van and head for the hospital. Quentin keeps trying to get through to the hospital but his cell phone service is down. In the back of the van Kendall sits with Zach and Greenlee, crying over them both. "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry," Kendall says. Then she turns to Zach and lays her head on his chest.


They make it to the hospital and Joe begins to examine Greenlee. Zach wakes long enough to tell them about the snake bite. Orderlies wheel Greenlee away; Kendall begs Joe for answers but he doesn't know anything. Joe focuses on Zach for a while. Zach tells them that Greenlee saved his life! Zach is taken to a private room and the doctors say he has a good prognosis. His doctor leaves and Zach asks about the boys. Kendall tells him they are both fine and ready to see him. She kisses his hand and tells him that she loves him.


In the waiting area, Derek comes in and asks Joe about Zach and Greenlee. As Joe tells him Greenlee's and Zach's prognosis, Richie sees Zach through the open doorway and wonders if he could have even more charges placed against him. Derek takes Richie back to the psych ward. Joe returns to Greenlee; Aidan is waiting. Joe tells Aidan that Greenlee is in bad shape and her kidneys are shutting down because of severe dehydration! Just then, alarm beeps begin sounding from Greens' monitors!

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Greenlee takes a turn for the worse.

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