Providing An Alibi

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Adam offers to bail out JR. Amanda plans revenge. It's time for Spike's surgery. Tad threatens to sue for custody of Jenny!

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Krystal walks in to the sitting room to find Tad feeding Jenny. He sends her off for coffee. When she returns, Krystal asks what Tad's problem he. He is being very standoffish and won't even let Krystal hold the baby! Krystal brings up Adam, which sets Tad off. "Adam Chandler only cares about Adam Chandler. Everyone else is just a possession," Tad says. Krystal explains once again about how Adam helped her when she cut her hand. For Tad that one act doesn't displace the other things Adam has done, starting with leaving Krystal to deliver her baby alone. They begin arguing about good parenting versus bad parenting; Tad tells Krystal that giving in to her feelings for Adam is altogether bad parenting! Then, Tad pulls out court papers and says he is suing for full custody of Jenny because Adam - and Krystal being with Adam - is a danger to their child! Krystal can't believe it and tells Tad he is grasping at straws and needs to just forgive Adam. She tells Tad to think really hard about what he is doing but Tad says he already knows what he has to do. Krystal tells him to get ready for a war and walks out.


Meanwhile at the jail, Adam shows up to visit JR but JR really doesn't want to see his father. When Adam asks what JR remembers from the night of the accident he says everything is still a blank. Adam surprises JR with news that he paid the bail and JR is free to go. JR wonders how Adam managed to do it and why Adam would do that. Adam tells JR that he will be on house arrest for the duration of his bail - but the house arrest is at the Chandler mansion, not his yacht! "No way," JR says! No matter what Adam says, JR refuses to take his offer. Adam leaves. When he is alone, JR wonders if he has done the right thing.


Over coffee at Wildwind, Amanda watches the DVD of JR one more time, getting excited as JR begins talking about his evil deeds. She picks up a copy of the day's paper, saying JR will finally pay. She watches as JR talks about trying to kill Babe and faking the kidnapping. When he begins talking about Greenlee Amanda becomes very interested. "This little girl is finally going to make the Chandler's pay," Amanda says! She calls Janet's caretakers and makes arrangements for Janet's first-class care. Seeing an ad for a new sports car, Amanda orders one. She heads for Adam's. He is surprised to see Amanda waiting for him. He tries to throw her out but Amanda stops him by saying she has JR's alibi! Adam tells Amanda to go to the police but she refuses, saying JR owes her a lot of money! She tells Adam she wants half-a-million dollars for what JR owes her, another half-mill for her own pain and suffering and a little bit more to compensate for Janet's pain and suffering. She settles for a cool million dollars and gives Adam her number, in case he has forgotten from their last dealing. Adam finally connects the adoption paper he found a few days ago to Jamie. Annoyed when Adam doesn't answer, Amanda storms out. Adam picks up the adoption paper and finally puts two and two together. He calls his lawyer and asks him to look into the adoption!


Kendall arrives at the hospital with Spike. Ryan and Annie meet her and so does Erica. Erica has ordered them all lunch and reserved an area just for their family to wait for news of Spike's surgery. Joe walks in and Erica becomes uncomfortable; he focuses on Spike and Kendall, promising her that Spike will be right as rain in just a few hours. Ryan takes Spike off for a little daddy-talk. As the women become teary, Ryan promises Spike that he will hear again. Kendall kisses Spike one more time before Joe takes him off to surgery. Joe returns a while later. He shows them the implant and explains about the surgery and then leaves. Kendall becomes very worried that she may have made a mistake in going forward with the surgery. Both Annie and Erica tell her she is doing the right thing. Ryan tries to calm her down but Kendall freaks out about Spike and about Zach. Josh walks up with Zach's favorite hockey sweater. They sit down and Josh assures Kendall that Zach will be back fighting for both of her boys before long; Kendall isn't so sure. She worries when the nurses don't come in to give her an update on the surgery but Josh calms her down. Ryan and Annie return with coffee and apologize to Kendall for being so wrapped up in their own problems and not helping her. Kendall says it doesn't matter because they are all together now. Erica returns and Jack walks in the waiting room. Erica is surprised to see him and asks how things are. Julia arrives and they begin chatting about Lily. Erica is surprised to learn about Lily's meltdown and asks why Jack didn't call her. He says it never occurred to him that she would care; that hurts Erica. Kendall begins telling everyone about her newfound working relationship with Aidan. Across the room, Jonathan confronts Ava about her meetings with JR at the jail lately. He asks if she is seeing JR now! Before she can answer Joe comes in with news about Spike. He says Spike came through the surgery with flying colors but asks them to wait a few more minutes before disturbing the kiddo. Joe tells them in a few weeks they will turn the implant on and then they will know if Spike will hear again. The good news gives Kendall hope for Zach, too.

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