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Monday, December 10th, 2007

Joe agrees to another psychological evaluation for Richie. Josh tells Erica to apologize to Jack. Jonathan gets through to Lily. Aidan agrees to work with Kendall.

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Richie is reading through the information that Ryan tossed on his bed. He points out that he is dying and therefore Ryan's hypothesis doesn't make sense. Ryan brings up Stan, the insurance salesman, and points out that they policy doesn't pay if Richie dies of natural causes but if Richie is killed, it pays a million dollars - to Richie's prison psychiatrist! Richie swears Ryan is reading the policy wrong but Ryan doesn't believe him for a second. He tells Richie that he will be watching for as long as Richie lives. Richie thinks he still has the upper-hand and makes a few inferences about Annie being on the edge. He tells Ryan that he can't stop what will happen because Richie knows exactly how to manipulate his sister! Ryan leaves the hospital room. Across the hall he sees Joe and asks for help. Ryan tells Joe that Richie needs another psychological evaluation. Joe agrees to listen to Ryan's plan.

Agreeing to help Ryan, Jo manages to convince Richie that he needs another psychiatric evaluation to make sure things are fine. Richie agrees. Joe instructs the orderlies to take Richie to the psych ward - where Janet is waiting!


At Sylvester's Kendall and Aidan realize that they have proof that Greenlee and Zach are together or at least that they were on the same path. Excited, Kendall calls Erica and tells her the news. Erica is excited, too, and tells Kendall that things are going fine at home. Kendall calls the hospital next to confirm Spike's surgery details. After, Aidan tells her to go home to be with her kids. She refuses. Aidan points out that her boys need her and says Zach would do exactly what she is doing: taking care of her family and searching for him at the same time. "You need to be a mother who is there for her sons," Aidan says. Instead of listening to him Kendall picks a fight about the search. Aidan tells her to go home. Kendall sits down and tells Aidan that she can't give up on Zach and just go home to be with the boys. She tells him about her fight with Zach. Aidan tells her that doesn't matter and that Zach would want her to be with their children. She continues talking about how wrong she has been and how she has to keep her family together. Reluctantly, Aidan agrees to help her but swears he doesn't care about Zach - only Greenlee.


At Kendall's, Josh arrives as Erica is making demands on a toy company. A delivery man arrives with boxes filled with toys. She tells Josh that she is trying to make certain that things will be perfect for Kendall and Zach; Josh asks what he is doing with her own life. Kendall calls and afterward Josh asks what is really going on with Erica. Instead of talking about her own problems, Erica calls Pam and postpones several episode tapings, telling Pam that she has to be available for anything that Kendall may need. As she dials a few more numbers Josh tells her that he is moving in until Zach returns home. Erica more or less ignores him. Pam calls back and begins going over a few show details with Erica. When Erica finally hangs up the phone Josh cuts right to the chase and brings up Jack but before Erica can say anything Joe Martin interrupts them. Erica sees him and says he is not welcome in her home! Erica sends Josh away (apparently not caring that she is actually in Kendall's home) and tells Joe that he is not welcome anywhere near her or her family because of the way he is trying to break up she and Jack. Joe points out that he isn't the one who was lying to Jack and says in any case he is there to see Kendall, not Erica. Erica tosses him out! Josh returns and tells her he know exactly how she feels! Erica tells him about her plans for Greenlee. Josh tells her that even Kane's can be wrong and says she has to be the first to apologize to Jack. Erica says she can't because she truly believes Greenlee needs psychiatric help. Josh reminds Erica that when he was in a similar place, she gave him exactly the same advice. She still doesn't think she can do it. Kendall arrives home a few minutes later.


In the bomb shelter Greenlee begins to freak out over the skeleton hand. Zach shakes Greenlee, telling her to calm down and swearing that he will get them out of there. Seeing that she is still upset, Zach tries to make her mad by pointing out that he ruined her life. That works and Greenlee pulls herself together. Zach tosses some refuse from their digging over the hand. "We're not getting out of here, Zach," Greenlee says. When Zach turns back to digging, Greenlee freaks out even more and tells him to stop or they'll find even more bones. He points out that they are only bones and says he won't die down there the way whoever the bones belong to did. He turns back to the digging. As Zach digs Greenlee begins to obsess about Aidan and her lost dreams and how Zach killed everything for her. Unable to keep listening, Zach wraps some cloth around his hands and says, "It's time for you to be quiet"! Greens takes a step back and Zach says he was only going to blindfold her. Reluctantly Greenlee agrees to be blindfolded so she can concentrate on Aidan and Zach can concentrate on digging.


Ava and Jonathan stop by the Montgomery home to see Lily. Jack tells them about Lily's meltdown and both begin to worry. Jack calls one of Lily's former teachers and leaves a messag asking for help. Upstairs, Sean is trying to calm Lily down but she will only rock and say "murder" over and over. Sean returns to Jack and says the music isn't helping. Ava goes upstairs to see if she can get Lily to talk. Ava can't get through to Lily either so Jonathan gives it a try. He sits down with her and tells her they were a team and asks for more clues. Lily begins rambling about "Richard" her new boyfriend and his likes and dislikes. "He is on the fifth floor of the hospital," she says. Jonathan realizes "Richard" is really Richie and shows her a photo of him. Lily cringes away from the picture. Jonathan promises her that Richie won't hurt anyone but that doesn't calm Lily's fears and she keeps rambling about Richard and boyfriends. Jonathan stays with her, trying to get through to Lily. Ava listens to Jonathan talking to Lily and becomes upset because he is still so connected to Lils. "You have shown me things and you have taught me things that nobody else ever could," Jonathan says and asks Lily to come back to them all. Jonathan brings Lily downstairs to Jack.

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