Skeletal Remains!

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Zach and Greenlee make a gruesome discovery. Aidan decides to work with Kendall. Tad confronts Adam and Krystal. Adam finally reads the full adoption certificate. Ryan and Jonathan play Federal Agents. Richie warns Walter to stay away from Annie!

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Ryan and Jonathan go to see Stan, one of the insurance agents. Posing as FBI agents, they tell him they are investigating Richie's connection to the mob and demand information about him! Ryan begins to question Stan in the outer office, leaving Jonathan inside to look around. A while later Jonathan comes out, tells Ryan they have a bigger problem than Richie and they leave. When they are alone, Jonathan says he hit paydirt! They begin going over the evidence that Jonathan found in the office.

At the hospital, Annie informs Richie that she won't help him die but that she will help care for him in his last days. Richie isn't sure what to think about that and wonders what Annie's real motivation is. Annie tells him she is doing it for Emma. Richie looks out the window and sees Emma playing with Walter in the waiting area. Richie watches them for several minutes, wondering about the fast connection between Walter and Emma. Annie wonders what he is thinking. Richie cuts their visit short by telling her he is tired. He asks to see Walter for a few minutes and Annie sends their father in. Richie watches Annie with Emma for a second and then closes the blinds. He begins to yell at Walter about building a relationship with Emma! He tells Walter than Annie pushed him out of a window and killed their mother and then says he is the only family Walter has left! Richie goes on and on about how he cares for Walter and Annie doesn't. Walter thanks Richie and leaves.


Outside, Emma asks Annie why she didn't know her grandfather before now. Not wanting to go into things that Emma can't understand, Annie tells her to focus on the time she now has with her grandpa. Walter returns to them and abruptly tells them he has to go. He refuses to allow Annie to drive him to the airport, which upsets Emma. After he leaves, Annie storms in to Richie room and asks why he is trying to ruin Emma's relationship with Walter! They argue and Richie won't admit anything. Ryan arrives. He confronts Richie about the information he and Jonathan found, tossing a bunch of papers in Richie's lap. "You didn't come here to kill Annie, you came here so we would kill you," Ryan says.

Meanwhile in a breakroom, Jack calls Julia to ask about a doctor. She tells him about the doctor currently caring for Lily. Tad comes over asking what that was about and she tells him about Lily's setback. Tad tells Julia about Adam pushing his buttons lately and wonders how he can get past the man's past. Julia listens to him and then suggests that Krystal has a right to the man she loves. Unable to face a future where Adam has easy access to Jenny, Tad says he'll stop it all.


In the emergency ward, Adam demands attention for his "wife". A doctor hurries over and begins to look at Krystal's cut. He goes to get sutures and when they are alone Krystal tells Adam that he has to leave before he makes things worse for both of them. The doctor returns and begins to clean up Krystal's wound; Adam won't leave and when Jenny becomes fussy picks her up. The doctor finishes and Adam - still carrying Jenny - and Krystal leave the room. They run into Tad! He gives them a look and starts to get mad. Julia walks up and tries to keep things calm. Krystal tells him what happened, trying to soothe Tad. Adam stands by Krystal, telling Tad that he isn't a threat to Jenny and he isn't a threat to Krystal. Tad brings up Janet and that whole fiasco. Adam tells Tad he is really just mad because Krystal has chosen him over Tad. Krystal gets between the two men and asks both to find common ground so they can all get along. She tells Tad that she can't promise to stay away from Adam forever! Julia returns with Jenny and Tad walks off. Krystal follows him. Adam turns to follow her but the paper falls from his pocket and Julia picks it up. He snatches it from her before she can read it and Julia tells him to learn some manners. She stomps off. Adam finally reads the whole adoption paper - which is for Katherine Marschon!

Aidan can't believe that Kendall just broke down his door with a crowbar. Aidan checks in with the cops but there is no news. Kendall asks what he has learned and Aidan tells her to go talk to the cops in person if she really wants answers but Kendall won't go. She grabs a couple of donuts from her bag, prepared to talk over their search plan over breakfast. When Aidan doesn't jump on board she threatens to call Derek about Aidan's plans. Kendall throws all of Spike's and Ian's problems in Aidan's face, telling her that no one will be as determined as she in bringing Zach home. Aidan takes one of her donuts, prepared to work with her. He receives a call from an informant telling him that a woman similar to Greenlee has been spotted at a mall in Canada. Aidan thanks him for the information but tells Kendall not to get excited because if Greens were really in Canada she would have called him by now. They begin going through some boxes that Aidan has put everything he found in. She finds the paper with the moon and star drawn on it, shows Aidan her new charm bracelet and asks if he still thinks Zach and Greenlee aren't together.


In the bomb shelter, Greenlee has a panic attack and can't bring. Zach manages to calm her down and sets her to work on another project - separating all of the canned food items - which he continues digging. While she is going through the cans Greenlee comes across a packet of love letters. She begins to read. Zach tells her to stop! Greens reads a little more but quietly and then puts the letters away. Zach returns to his digging. Greenlee rambles about her sisterly bond with Kendall. Zach chops a little more dirt and hits something hard in the wall! Zach digs around it and pulls a bony hand from the rubble!

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