Manipulations and Lies

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Richie keeps working on Babe. Ryan and Jonathan dig into Richie's time in prison. Zach and Greenlee come to terms with one another. Kendall begs Aidan to help her. Julia tries to get through to Lily.

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At the hospital Babe checks in with Dr. Joe to see how Richie is doing. Joe reports that things are going well and encourages Babe to go inside. She doesn't want to. Richie overhears them talking and, to get Babe into the room, climbs out of bed and then crashes to the floor. Babe and Joe come running in. Two orderlies manage to put Richie back to bed. He is satisfied with his progress. He apologizes and tells them he wanted some water. Babe and Joe tell him that he needs to call nurses for things like that because he isn't well enough to be on his own. Joe tells them that Richie won't be on his own for quite a while and leaves. Babe brings up in-home nursing and asks Richie if Walter could help him. Richie says Walter can't but tells her he'll be fine on his own. Then, he tells her to get on with her life. "I've distracted you enough," he says. Babe sits with him for a while. Richie manages to pull up some tears and tells Babe he is afraid of being alone and he is sorry that he pulled her into his mess of a life. Babe hugs him, upset that Richie won't have anyone to care for him. Richie insists he'll be fine alone and tells her to go. Crying Babe leaves. Once he is alone, Richie smirks. He stands up, picks up a piece of clothing and returns to bed certain that his plan is coming together.


Jonathan arrives at the Lavery penthouse to check on things with Ryan. Inside he sees stacks of papers that Ryan has ordered - all with information on Richie. Ryan shows Jonathan the information from visitor's logs and parole hearings from when Richie was in prison - including a statement from Chambers saying Richie wasn't a threat to anyone. Jonathan takes off his coat; he and Ryan being working on the papers together to find more information on Richie. As they go through the papers Ryan tells Jonathan how Walter and Richie are affecting Annie. Soon Jonathan finds a life insurance policy! They keep digging and find papers that indicate Richie saw several life insurance agents just before he was released from prison. Jonathan volunteers to track one of them down to get more info. Jonathan leaves. Ryan calls Annie to check in. A few minutes later Babe arrives to talk about Richie. She tells Ryan about Richie's upcoming hospital dismissal and asks Ryan to fund Richie's outpatient care. Ryan can't believe it. He refuses and tells Babe to stop allowing Richie to manipulate her. Babe tells him to do the right thing before Richie dies and then leaves.


Aidan takes Kendall back to Sylvester's home, annoyed that he can't get rid of her. Determined to find Zach, she insists on knowing what he knows. "If we find Greenlee, we find Zach. I care about that," she says. Aidan informs Kendall that the map is nothing more than ideas but Kendall won't drop the subject. She tells him about her dream, positive that it means Zach and Greenlee are really together somewhere in the woods. Aidan admits he feels the same way. Kendall accuses him of looking for Greenlee to get to Zach and hurt him. Aidan tells her he is looking for them only because he is afraid for Greenlee. He says she should go to Derek and bother him. Kendall still won't give up. Finally Aidan shows her Greenlee's phone and tells her where he found it. Kendall wants to move forward with their search but Aidan tells her that just because he shared information that doesn't mean he will work with her! They argue and Aidan tells her he will help her find Zach - if Kendall first admits that she set Greenlee up with a fake kidnapping! Kendall refuses at first but when Aidan starts to leave she gives in and tells him everything she did and why she did it. "You assumed the worst," Aidan says, wondering why Kendall didn't just tell someone else. She admits that she was wrong and apologizes, swearing that she will make things up to Greenlee. Kendall asks if he'll work with her now. Aidan refuses to help her and Kendall refuses to leave! Kendall grabs a map and begins to plan their next move. Aidan picks up Kendall and carries her out the door! He locks her out but Kendall won't give up. She pounds and kicks at the door, yelling at him to let her in.


In the bomb shelter Zach and Greenlee are still digging but aren't making much progress. Greenlee tells Zach he needs to rest and drink water but he insists on continuing. She nags him long enough that Zach throws down his shovel and rests. "Don't take them away from me, don't you do that," he says loudly enough for Greenlee to hear. Greenlee has no idea what that means and goes to him. He is talking to his cell. The battery is dead and he can't look at the pictures inside any longer. Close to giving up, Zach tosses the phone across the room. Greenlee picks it up. She offers Zach water but he doesn't want any. He tells Greenlee about one of the pictures on the phone - one of him with Ian at the hospital. Greens assures Zach that he will see both of his boys again, and not just in pictures. She tells him to picture his homecoming; Zach does. Moments later he tells Greenlee they need to start digging again. Back at the wall Greens tells Zach that they will get out of their predicament. She begins talking about Aidan. Greens realizes Zach is the reason she and Aidan found one another and thanks him for bringing them together. Zach doesn't see why he should be thanked and Greenlee points out that Zach hired Aidan to keep an eye on her. Zach sees their newfound romance a failure to complete the job Aidan was hired for. Greenlee tells him that her relationship with Aidan has begun very much like his relationship with Kendall began and hopes that their romance will continue the way Zach and Kendall's romance has. Zach asks Greenlee about things she and Aidan have in common and talks about his interests with Kendall. "This is weird, us being civil to one another," Greenlee says. Zach blames the stifling air. They begin to dig again.


Julia arrives at the Montgomery home looking for her house keys. She is hoping that Jack picked them up by mistake. He did. Julia asks about Greenlee; there is no news. Jack tells Julia about Lily, who is not doing well at all, and says he doesn't know what has happened to throw her so badly. Julia asks to see her. Upstairs, Lily is still counting and rocking in her room. Lily remembers the bad times with Jonathan and how Jack tried to protect her. She remembers the attack and then remembers thinking Aidan was her boyfriend. All of those memories morph into the memory of Richie talking about murder. Julia comes in but Jack stays back to let her work. Julia talks for a while but Lily doesn't respond to her at all. Julia asks her to do an exercise with her. She starts a list about safe things and scary things and starts with the safe things - her family and friends. Lily just keeps rocking. Julia brings up her home and her room. Then she asks about things that scare Lily. "Murder," Lily says. Jack and Julia wonder what that means. Lily continues rocking and begins the scream, "No," over and over.

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