Richie Seals Zach's Fate!

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Zach and Greens think they are being saved. Babe and Annie make peace. The Chandlers and Martins finish Thanksgiving dinner. Joe tells Jack about Erica. Kendall worries where Zach could be.

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Kendall and Erica bring Ian home for the first time. Myrtle is there, waiting for them. Kendall is excited to see her but upset that Zach hasn't come home yet. The doorbell rings and Josh arrives with a balloon bouquet and a gift for Ian. Kendall is disappointed that he isn't Zach but is thankful that Josh remembered the big day. Myrtle welcomes him and Erica gives him a big hug. Erica calls Jack but he doesn't answer so she leaves a message they are waiting at Kendall's for him. Once she is off the phone, Myrtle asks Erica what is going on. She says she is worried about her relationship with Jack. The chef arrives to cater their meal and Kendall asks her to set six places at their table, just in case Jack arrives. Myrtle tells Kendall that nothing will stop Zach from getting home to her. Kendall daydreams that Zach is home and everything is fine.


Meanwhile in the bomb shelter, Greenlee and Zach hear a noise and begin calling for help. From above, Richie calls down to them and asks who they are; when he can't hear them well, he asks them to bang pots together if one of them is Zach Slater. Greenlee bangs the pots together and Richie knows he is in the right place. He tells them help is on the way. After a while, Greenlee realizes this isn't necessarily a good thing and begins ranting about going back to jail for a crime she didn't commit! Zach reminds her she isn't an innocent victim, but that only makes Greenlee more upset. She begins calling for help but no one answer. Outside, Richie has a coughing fit. "Your turkey's almost cooked," he whispers. Down below, Zach paces the room a little bit but becomes tired and starts to fall asleep. Greenlee grabs him, shakes him and yells at him, trying to get him to wake up. Above, Richie begins to drag a heavy metal plate over the bomb shelter's opening! When the room goes dark, Greenlee is surprised. Zach isn't. "He didn’t come to save us," he says and walks away from Greens.

At the safe house, Aidan is continuing his own search for Greenlee but he can't find any sign of her in the house or any clues as to where she may have gone. He turns on the computer and begins another search.


At The Comeback, Derek tells everyone that they may have found the car that hit Zach. Before he can give a lot of details about the blood on the car, Julia stops him and reminds him there are children around. Derek gives the G-rated version of events and says they haven't been able to type the blood. Across the room, Colby asks JR where little A is and he tells her about the Lavery family dinner. Joe captures everyone's attention and begins the Thanksgiving prayer. Everyone becomes quiet and then the feast begins. After the prayer, Opal begins the annual tradition of telling what she is thankful for. Krystal and Colby join in and so does Julia. Everyone joins in; Adam stops them all when he says he is thankful for JR and a year's worth of sobriety. JR leaves the table; Adam follows him and they have a heated exchange about drinking at the bar. Jack watches them. Opal turns to Jack and asks about Greenlee. She tells him that things will work out; Jack hopes so. She turns the subject to Erica but Jack receives a phone call. He ignores the call, though. Joe pulls Jack aside and tells him about Erica's involvement in Greenlee's commitment. Jack is shocked to learn that Erica forged the document! Meanwhile, Tad and Hannah talk about the mistakes they've made with love in the past; Tad wonders what Krystal will do about Adam. JR is alone in the sea of people, trying to remember anything from the night before. Derek receives a call from the forensics department and learns that it is Zach's blood in JR's car!


At the penthouse, Annie and Ryan try to put Babe at ease but she still thinks they are using her to get to Richie. Jonathan and Ava walk in and immediately sense the tension. Ava thinks it is her fault. Jonathan steers her to the balcony so he can explain. Back inside, Annie tells Babe that she has seen a change in Richie and that change is all because of her. Babe isn't sure what to believe from her friend and the feeling is made worse when Ryan says he still doesn't trust Richie. Annie tries to smooth things over by telling Babe that Richie has them out of sorts because of the strange events. She says she just wants Babe to be aware of the problems and to let them know if she finds out anything that could hurt them.

On the balcony, Jonathan tells Ava that the tension is mostly because of Richie and has nothing to do with them. They talk about not-so-great past Thanksgivings with their families. Jonathan promises her that this year changes things for both of them - they will have good family fun and be able to put the past to rest. Ava hugs him. Feeling a little tension between them, Jonathan asks Ava what is going on between her and JR. Ava plays dumb but Jonathan keeps pushing and tells her that he knows JR was bothering her at The Comeback. Ava says it isn't a big deal because JR is just upset about his new business failing. Ava and Jonathan return to the others just as Babe is about to make her exit. Ryan goes to get the kids so they can eat. Babe begins to leave anyway but decides to stay when Emma asks her to. They all sit down and enjoy the day together.


At the mental hospital, Amanda asks Janet about the food and reminds her that it is Thanksgiving. Janet is surprised; her new drug regimen makes her forget about dates and holidays. "I'm a little forgetful but I am sane," she says. Janet asks Amanda how life is in Pine Valley. Amanda admits she is lonely. Janet becomes distracted by the shape of her plastic spoon (it has tines). They continue talking. Janet asks about Jamie and learns he is in Africa and then Amanda tells her about her relationship with JR. Janet tells Amanda that she just needs to stop going after boys with "J" names and then surprises Amanda by telling her that JR should never have slept with Babe again. She begins to go on and on about setting Babe and JR straight! Amanda goes to get a doctor but before she can leave, Janet's spell ends and she welcomes Amanda, thanking her for visiting. Amanda is thrown by the sudden memory loss.

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