JR Opens Up To Ava

Monday, November 19th, 2007

JR and Ava bond over alcoholism. The cops arrive at the crash site and learn the blood on the pavement is the same type as Zach's. Jack and Kendall argue about Greenlee's guilt. Richie tries to make amends with Annie - or does he have another motive?

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Ryan calls Annie to let her know they arrived at Tommy's place - but he isn't there. Once he's rang off the line, he tells Jonathan that things could get dangerous! They get back in the car and head for home. Jonathan tells Ryan that Richie's sole purpose in life right now is getting back at Annie, which means it will be impossible to figure out his next move. Ryan tells Jonathan to stop comparing himself to Richie. Jonathan points out that if he revisits the place he was when he was sick that they might be able to figure out Richie's plans. "Surgery took the anger away but it didn't erase the memories," Jonathan says. He goes back to his memories and tells Ryan his goal back then was to get revenge on Ryan for leaving Jon alone with their father when he was a boy. Ryan is stunned by what Jonathan says. "Richie's dying," Jonathan says, "I guarantee he plans on taking you and Annie with him." The conversation turns to Erin for a second; both miss their sister terribly. Jonathan swears he'll keep Richie at bay so that he doesn't have to lose another sibling.


Richie arrives at Ryan and Annie's and tells her it is time to end the fighting! Annie tries to shut the door in his face but Richie asks her to hear him out. Inside, he tells Annie that he is ready to move on. She doesn't believe him and says the only way she'll believe him is if he leaves Babe alone - so they can all move on. Richie gets in her face and says he really cares for Babe. He sits down and tells Annie that Babe means the world to him. Annie stops him before he can say he loves Babe and reminds him that he couldn’t even love their mother. "You destroyed Mom and you'll destroy Babe, too," Annie says. Richie tells her Babe makes him want to be a better person. Annie isn't sure whether to believe him or not. "If I'm on my way out," Richie says, "I want her by my side when I go." Ryan walks in and tells Richie to get away from Annie!


Ava racks up the balls for a game of pool at The Comeback. JR comes in, obviously drunk. Ava can't stop staring at him and tells him he looks horrible. He asks how her hair issues are; Ava tells him to back off and asks how the alcoholism is going. She tells him alcohol doesn't look good on him and goes back to her game. JR leans against the bar and asks Ava to tell him all about alcoholism, believing Ava has a history with booze, too. She doesn't want to but he won't drop it. Finally, Ava starts telling him about the guys she has known in the past. Saying she had no choice but to stay with the bad boys or starve, she asks why he's drinking now. JR doesn't want to talk about his problems and instead cries on Ava's shoulder about not being able to stop. Ava compares JR's alcoholism to being addicted to a woman. He says it's very similar and he's been obsessed with her just like he's obsessed with alcohol. Ava can't believe him; she says they can be friends and he can talk to her about anything. Talk turns to Fusion and Ava admits she was acting badly toward him; she says he made her laugh, though, all the time. JR realizes he has no idea how he got back to the bar. He thanks Ava for listening and heads outside to find his car. Jonathan arrives a few minutes later and takes Ava home.

Kendall and Erica try to call for help but cant get any reception on their cell phones. A cop car arrives, Kendall tells him that Zach is missing and possibly hurt! They point out the damage to the car.

At the safe house, Derek tells Jack and Aidan he is arresting them because they are interfering with his investigation. An officer comes inside, tells Derek about the accident and they all make a detour to the crash site.


Derek and crew reach the crash site; Erica is stunned to see Jack and Aidan in handcuffs! Kendall believes that Greenlee is behind Zach's accident. Derek calls in more backup and forensics guys. Erica tries to calm Kendall down, telling her that they don't know Greenlee had anything to do with it. Derek joins in, telling Kendall that it looks like a hit-and-run and that doesn't mean Greenlee was involved. Erica asks Aidan what he thinks. He says they don't have enough information one way or another. Aidan asks why Zach was out in the country; Kendall tells him about the house-hunting project. Derek reports that Zach - or anyone looking like Zach - have been taken to a hospital within 100 miles. Erica asks him to bring in more police to find Zach. Jack walks up to Kendall and asks if she was going to tell the truth in court. Kendall turns things around on him, telling him if he hadn't defended Greens the first time she took Spike none of this would have happened. Derek reports that the blood on the pavement is the same type as Zach's; Jack is relieved and that ticks off Kendall! Jack blames the situation on Kendall and Erica tells Jack he can't blame Kendall for any of this. Aidan backs up Jack. Before they can all come to blows, Derek tells them all to shut up so the cops can concentrate. Kendall pulls Zach's coat from the backseat and hugs it to her. Kneeling beside the front tire, she sees the picture of JR that Richie left behind! Rather than giving the picture to Derek, Kendall tucks it into her coat!

In the parking lot, JR spots some blood on one of his car seats!


At the bottom of the bomb shelter, Zach is unconscious and bleeding profusely! Greens is knocked out, too. Greens begins to wake and tells Zach to get off of her. He regains consciousness as well and rolls away from her. Greenlee can barely move; both manage to sit up. Zach wonders where they are.

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