Zach's In Biiiiiiig Trouble

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Richie tosses Zach from a moving car! Greenlee is forced to help Zach. Ryan and Jonathan hurry to find Tom but Richie gets there first!

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Jack begs Aidan to take help Greenlee turn herself in. Aidan refuses, saying Greens is safer on the run! Derek walks back in and tells Aidan to come clean because he knows Greenlee has been with him. Jack convinces Derek to let him talk to Aidan alone and Derek leaves. When they are alone, Jack brings up the stuffed tiger and tells Aidan he knows without a doubt Greens was here and demands to know where she is now. Aidan won't give up Greenlee's location. They argue for a while longer but finally Aidan tells Jack she is headed to Canada where she'll be safe until they find the proof to clear her name. Jack can't believe it and tries to change Aidan's mind. Derek returns and arrests both Jack and Aidan for obstruction of justice!

Ryan and Jonathan are speeding toward Tom Brennan's place, hoping to get there before Richie. Ryan begins to really worry about what might happen if they don't reach Tom. Jonathan offers to help Richie disappear forever! Ryan turns him down, saying they just need to put Richie back behind bars. He tries to stay focused on Tom Brennan but Jonathan keeps talking about taking Richie away and keeping him locked away until he dies. "We're going to do this the right way," Ryan says and tells Jonathan to leave Richie alone.


Richie pulls the car over after hitting Zach. Seeing him unconscious, Richie pats him and says he won't make it! He puts Zach in the car, places the picture of JR, Babe and little A under Zach's car and then drives off! He keeps mumbling that he needs a hospital or to call his wife but Richie doesn't care and just keeps driving. After a while, he opens the passenger door and pushing Zach out of the moving car! Richie continues on and find Tom's apartment. He pretends to be Ryan until Tom answers the door. Inside, Richie begins to intimidate Tom. Scared, Tom tells Richie that he made the whole thing up and was only trying to con Ryan out of some money. Richie doesn't believe him for a second and keeps up the intimidation tactics. He picks up the evidence that Tom has lying around; Tom tells him to keep it and tries to run but Richie trips him. Tom hits his head and starts to bleed. Richie tells him he'll leave town - now! Frightened, Tom packs up. A while later Ryan and Jonathan arrive and find the room is completely bare. They see an open window but no one is around.

Erica arrives back at the hospital to find Kendall, who is becoming even more worried that she can't find Zach. Lily arrives and says he went to Paradise! Lily gives them the address and Kendall decides to go to Zach. Erica calls Josh to help Lily with the boys while she and Kendall hunt for Zach. On the road to the Paradise house, Kendall and Erica talk about the possibilities of the house Zach's been looking at. Erica brings up Greenlee and wonders if she has something to do with Zach's decision. Kendall thinks that is a long shot. She brings up Jack and asks Erica if he is the real reason she wants Greenlee out of the picture. Erica can't believe what she is hearing. They keep driving and arguing but Erica won't listen when Kendall says they all did horrible things to Greenlee. Kendall slows down when she sees a car on the side of the roads. It's Zach's! She pulls over to the side but doesn't see Zach anywhere around; she begins calling for him but no one answers. Kendall looks around and sees a pool of blood on the pavement!


Meanwhile, Greenlee is running through the woods trying to get away. She trips and falls but gets up and keeps going, hoping Aidan will find her. Greenlee crosses the highway and trips as she gets to the other side. She lands right next to Zach! Greens tries to talk to him but he is unconscious and nothing she does works to revive him. Greenlee tries calling the police but her cell doesn't have service. She promises to call for help if she finds a phone and continues on her way. She walks away but can't forget about Zach, unconscious and bleeding, by the side of the road. She sees a house in the distance and decides she can drag Zach to the house and the people there can get him help. She gets back to him just as Zach wakes up. He leans on her and they begin to make their way toward the farm she saw. They are almost there when Zach falls. Greenlee gets him back up and they continue on. Zach turns in a different direction, saying he hears something. Greenlee doesn't hear anything and they head to the house. Zach follows her but before they reach the house, they fall down a hole!

Somewhere in Pine Valley Richie takes the evidence he stole from Tom and burns it!

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