Babe is Rescued!

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Babe is rescued. Erica has guilt pains over not being a good mother. Lily pleads with her dad about the incompetency petition. Zach and Dixie get bail.

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Erica confides to Myrtle. She's so worried that her son is out there somewhere and maybe dead. Myrtle asks if there's anything Erica needs or can help her with and tells her the overwhelming feeling of Guilt is tough. Erica gazes at Myrtle, guilt she pauses. It's what Erica is feeling and desperately tells her she wants another chance with Josh to make things right. To be the mother she wants to be to him. Jeff rushes in to tell them they found everyone ALIVE! Gleaming, Erica says ...Josh is coming home...!

Adam gets off the phone to tell Krystal and Colby they can't spare anyone else for the search. Colby's just concerned about her breakfast. Adam leaves to see what else can be done. Colby and the new maid Sydney square off. Sydney pours Colby's breakfast all over her. Krystal rushes in to put a stop to it and tells them to grow up and get along. Colby continues to pout and Krystal threatens to stop her sweet sixteen birthday party if she doesn't stop this childish behavior.

Adam rushes back in to tell them all that Babe's been found alive and well!

JR approaches a sleeping Babe in Josh's arms. Babe slowly awakes and tries to focus. As soon as she realizes what's happening, she jumps into JR's arms.

Jamie and Julia accuse Josh of kidnapping Babe and demand answers. Josh remains arrogant. But Babe chimes in telling them if it wasn't for Josh, she'd be dead. He saved her from drowing. JR reminds her if it wasn't for Josh, she wouldn't even be here.

Josh scowls back telling JR that he only wanted to ...borrow... JR's wife. Accuses JR as the one who wanted to kill Babe.

JR glares back and Julia and Jamie continue to berate Josh telling him they should just leave his sorry soul on the island to rot. But Babe pleads to them to take Josh as well. Josh replies sweetly, ...Only for you Babe....

On the boat, Babe confronts JR about playing the CD of Madden. JR tells her the only thing he's sorry for is that his mother was arrested.

Lily, still panicking from the petition, wonders how this could happen. Tries to tell herself it must be a mistake when suddenly there's another knock at the door. In enters Jack. He goes to Lily telling her he's sorry and wanted to get here to tell her before the papers came, that he's the one behind the petition.

Shocked and confused, Lily can't believe her dad's betrayal telling him he's so wrong about her, about Jonathan, about her life.

Jonathan assures her the petition is not about her, it's about him and Jack wanting to keep them separated. Jack scolds Jonathan for continuing to play games and quit lying. Demanding him to tell Lily the truth once and for all. Jonathan holds steady defending Lily telling him why doesn't he give Lily enough credit to decide her life. Jack snaps back telling Jonathan to be a man and fess up to the truth. He looks at Lily telling her he's leaving and needs her to think all this through, that he just wants what's best and to come home.

After Jack leaves, Jonathan embraces Lily, telling her they'll get a lawyer and fight it. Lily looks up at Jonathan and tells him to hold her and touch her. She feels safe and implies she wants to consummate the marriage.

Judge enters the courtroom after Zach and Dixie arrive. He listens to both sides debate the evidence before the Judge. He finally puts a stop to the bickering and tells them there's enough evidence to go to trial. A decision is set on bail and the Judge leaves.

Zach easily obtains bail but Dixie wonders what she's going to do. Then she's told she's received bail. Dixie rushes outside the courtroom to see her Uncle Palmer. He embraces her telling her he knows he's been very hard on her but the likes of Madden dead, no matter how he died is a good thing and Dixie should be out there looking for her daughter. She thanks him for the opportunity.

Tad's furious about this knowing now that Dixie is out on bail and finds Kate, he'll never see either of them again. Derek approaches Zach and demands to know why he has such hostility towards Dixie getting bail. Tad tells him his thoughts and continues to tell him that Dixie also started sleeping with Zach. At that moment, Kendall walks in behind them.

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Erica wants to talk with Josh. Kendall confronts Zach and Zach admits to "kissing" Dixie. JR tells Babe he wants her to kick Josh out of her life.

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