Zach Drops JR!

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Zach tells JR to find another backer. Greenlee has finally moved on; Kendall can't let go of the past and sets up a meeting with Greens. Babe and Krystal argue about Richie. Ryan kidnaps Richie to have him tested for leukemia.

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Krystal wants Babe to forget about Richie.

Krystal tells Kyle to fill a new order for one of the tables. Babe points out that she already served them but Krystal sets her straight - she took their order and threw the food in the trash! Babe is stunned that she did something so silly. JR walks by, bemoaning his luck. He doesn't stick around. Krystal focuses on Babe and tells her to go home and rest - and forget about whatever is troubling her. Babe wants to talk, though, and tells Krystal about Richie's cancer. Krystal gets angry when Babe tells her about finding the pill bottle and the meeting in the park. Babe is deadly serious, though, when she tells Krystal that she knows Richie is sick. Krystal doesn't believe it and tells her to walk away. Babe can't do that, though. Krystal tries to convince Babe that Richie is just like Adam and he will rip her heart out and feed it to her for breakfast.


Zach changes his plans!

JR continues outside where he runs into Zach and tells him Greenlee turned down his offer. He suggests upping the terms of the deal to get Greenlee to take the offer but Zach tells him to stop. "The deal is done," he says. JR tries to convince him to stick with things and when that doesn't work demands his $500,000 but Zach won't budge. He tells JR to go get the money from Adam because he is out! Zach walks away. JR won't give up so easily, though, and convinces Zach to hear him out. Saying he only needs a little more time - and the location of the cryo tank! - he tells Zach he can get Greenlee to take the deal. Zach punches a few buttons on his palm pilot and tells JR that the cryo tank is already gone! Angry, JR tells Zach that Kendall and Greenlee have to be separated or they'll tear each other apart. Then he suggests that Aidan and Greenlee won't be happy about his little scheme. Zach is positive that nothing can be traced to him, though, and challenges JR to go ahead and spill the beans. He leaves.


Ryan is going to get answers!

Annie doesn't like Ryan's decision to take a trip with Richie. Ryan pulls out an envelope and when Richie gets close enough, slams him against a wall and captures his hands behind his back! Ryan slaps a pair of handcuffs around Richie's wrists. Annie sides with Richie for a second and asks what Ryan is doing. He shows her the photos that Richie sent in the mail and Richie starts screaming about tampering with the US Mail. Annie takes the pictures, remembering the Halloween pageant from their childhood. Smiling, Richie talks about his memories from that night. When they both start talking Ryan begins to get antsy and tells Annie not to fall for this new act. He promises nothing bad will happen on the trip. Richie tries to push Annie's buttons but she agrees to the trip - as long as she can come, too! They get to the plane and Ryan ties Richie down to a chair so that he can't get away. Ryan tells Annie she is there to be a witness; Richie wonders how far she will let Ryan go. Ryan calls to a doctor who comes in to the cabin. Richie tries to fight free of his bonds but the rope is strong. To be extra sure, Ryan holds him down and the doctor gets a sample of Richie's blood! The pilot comes on and tells them they are taking off. Ryan tells Annie that the doctor can test the blood while they are in the air, that way there will be no doubt that the results are real. Richie reminds Annie of the things Ryan has done, trying to get her on his side. Annie sides with Ryan! The doctor finishes up. Richie promises no more games.


Simone tries to set Kendall straight!

Kendall walks over to the hospital with Spike. From outside the NICU, Kendall watches over Ian for a while. She tells Spike that Ian is alright because Greenlee won't hurt Zach's child - but she isn't so sure Spike is fine. "But by the time this day is over, Greenlee will be done," she says and walks with Spike to a storage closet. A nurse comes outside, recognizes Kendall and suggests she wait in the chairs area. She walks away and Kendall wheels Spike into the storage closet. Just then Julia walks up and sees them! Kendall makes up a story about needing blankets and then talks about not being able to sleep (because of the problems with Ian and with Spike). Julia suggests she talk to someone but Kendall says she thinks she is turning the corner. Julisa leaves and Kendall begins to search the area. She grabs a bottle of chloroform, hides it in her bag and then leaves. Julia returns a few minutes later with some blankets for Kendall. She leaves. Kendall and Spike continue on to the park and she begins to organize her next meeting with Greenlee. Simone appears! Kendall tells her that her timing stinks and reminds Simone that she is dead and out of touch. Simone won't just go away, though, and challenges Kendall. She tells Kendall to throw her revenge plans in the trash because she will only wind up hurting herself. Kendall refuses, believing that Greenlee will hurt Spike. She tries to escape Simone but Simone just follows her into the boathouse. Finally, Kendall says this is all her fault - Ian's troubles, Spike's troubles, all of it - because she let Greenlee get too close. "She will always be a threat to Spike," Kendall says and orders Simone to leave. As suddenly as she appeared, Simone disappears.


Aidan and Greenlee make love.

Kendall eavesdrops on Greenlee for a while later, then tells Spike he doesn't have to worry because she'll protect him. Kendall leaves. Across the way, Greenlee tells Aidan she is done chasing after something she doesn't want any longer. Aidan applauds her decision not to go along with JR and then tells her he slugged JR. Greenlee laughs. Greens and Aidan return to her condo to get some Halloween treats ready. She begins to undress Aidan, kissing her way down his chest. Aidan pulls her on to the chair with him and they make out. Aidan pours them both a drink of his favorite English liquor. Greenlee hates it. They chat for a bit and then kiss their way over to the sofa. They make love. After, Greenlee begins talking about family, telling Aidan that she doesn't want to be a part of someone else's family. She wants a family that is all her own! Aidan thinks that is a good, new beginning and kisses her. As Aidan sleeps, Greenlee lays with him, awake and thinking of the future. Kendall calls and asks Greenlee to come to the boathouse to help her make a decision about Spike's future. Greenlee agrees. She gets dressed, kisses Aidan's shoulder and whispers she'll be right back. "I love you," she says, kisses him again and leaves the condo.

Outside The Comeback, Babe points out to Krystal that she is only sympathetic to Richie, not falling in love with him. Krystal warns Babe to be very, very careful because men can't be fixed. Krystal leaves for the night. Babe sees JR at the bar with a glass of scotch in front of him!

Zach returns to his office - and finds Aidan in the office, waiting for him!

Greenlee arrives at the boathouse and tells Kendall that things will be find for them all. Excited about the future for the first time in a long time, Greenlee gushes about Spike.

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Aidan warns Zach to stay away from Greenlee. Kendall sets up Greenlee, who is found with Spike in her arms! Richie takes control of the plane!

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