An Unresponsive Lily is Brought to the Hospital

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Lily is rushed to the hospital. David gets a hold of Emma and sneaks a DNA swab from her mouth. Derek asks Jonathan to come down to the station. Colby has sex with Sean regretting it momments later.

An Unresponsive Lily is Brought to the Hospital image

Out of breath, Jack races around the forest and hears gunshots. Bolting toward the sound, he arrives at the cabin trying to be quiet. Entering he sees Terry shot and Lily sprawled on the floor. He approaches her asking if she's ok but Lily won't respond. Jonathan moves away from the wall asking if he's dead? Jack replies yes and Jonathan drops the gun telling Jack he doesn't know if he made it in time. He tells Jack that he saw Terry standing over Lily smiling and he shot him. Jack calls for an ambulance as he continues to try and reach Lily

Kendall follows behind the ambulance bringing in a wounded Ryan. The doctors frantically work to help him. Kendall turns to Annie asking what the hell she did? Annie is in tears and Jamal tells her she doesn't know the whole story.

The police come to the hospital to talk with Annie and she asks Jamal to take Emma away. Not answering any questions, Kendall replies for her. Julia offers to take Emma for a snack. Annie starts to talk trying to explain that she thought it was her ex-husband. The officer asks why she'd want to shoot her ex? She explains that Terry was let go from jail and he's a monster! Annie continues telling the officer if he doesn't believe her to ask Jaskon Montgomery because Terry has harmed his daughter too.

While Kendall paces the floor, Jamal and Annie talk about Terry. Jeff approaches Kendall and tells them all that he's going to be fine, he removed the bullet from Ryan. Kendall heads in to see him. Entering the room, she fixes the blankets on Ryan and watches over him stroking his face. He slowly awakes to find Kendall by his side holding his hand. Ryan asks where Annie is and Kendall assures him she's with Jamal. She tells him he's scared the heck out of her and tells him Spike and her need him! He tells her there's no way she's getting rid of him!

David approaches Julia and demands for her to get some blood work and such. Julia refuses to leave Emma alone but David insists stating he'll watch the little girl. David talk with Emma telling her he knows where she came from and offers her a lollipop but sneaks a DNA swipe from her cheek. He then gives her a lollipop and places the sample in his pocket while Julia storms back handing him his files.

Kendall approaches Annie telling her that Ryan is going to be ok. Seeing Derek, Kendall tells him that the shooting was really an accident but Derek responds that he's there for Lily who's been attacked.

Jeff rushes to Lily's side going over her vitals and asks for a rape kit as a stunned group plead NO, not Lily. As they rush her in to the ER room, Annie see's Terry being brought in and Jonathan tells her he's not going to hurt anyone any longer. Emma runs in but Annie grabs her and pulls her away from the sight of her dead father. Jonathan looks on at Annie as she approaches him. Hugging Jonathan, she breaks out in tears. Derek asks Jonathan to come down to the station with him to explain what happened.

Kendall heads back into Ryan's room to find him resting and watches him sleep as she holds his hand to her face.

Sean and Colby fall all over each other and Colby asks him if he has protection? He replies absolutely! Krystal tries to comfort Adam who is very upset at Colby's actions. He feels like he's being used by her. Krystal laughs about all the trouble Babe used to get into. Back on the yacht, they start pulling their clothes off but are so drunk they keep falling over. They finish having sex in not a so romantic way and Sean gets dressed as Colby has regret all over her face. In tears, she hides from the crowd. As the rest of the teens dance around the yacht, Colby hides crouched down in a corner crying.

The harbor patrol demands that the yacht return to the dock. Colby stands up grabbing the wheel as Sean enters the room and she floors it saying the party isn't over and they're not returning yet! Sean fights with her struggling to take over driving the yacht and they collide with something falling to the floor.


In jail, Zach tells Kendall he'll tell her everything she wants to know. Derek tells Annie he's taking Emma away from her. Jack watches over Lily and apologizes for not watching over her better. Jonathan finds out if Lily was raped.

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