Ryan Discovers How Terry Entered the US

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

Ryan realizes Terry is in the USA and probably has Lily. Amanda and Jonathan make love. Colby and Sidney continue to fight at their party. Derek arrests Zach.

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Amanda kisses Jonathan intensely but he pulls back asking what they're doing. She kisses him again replying that she wants to be with him tonight. They continue but Jonathan is confused and wondering where their intensity is coming from. Amanda tries to tell him that she wants to help him from being alone and kisses him again over and over. He gives in and picks her up and fervently throwing her against the wall as they take each others clothes off.

Trying to catch their breath after making love, Jonathan and Amanda talk about what just happened and how wonderful it was. He wants to make sure that Amanda is ok with all that just happened and she tells him she's very content with the circumstances. They're interrupted by the phone ringing and Amanda answers it.

Ryan approaches Sean demanding to know where his date is? He runs around with the guys telling them that Lily might be hiding because she's afraid of crowds and loud noises. JR approaches Ryan demanding to know what he's doing there and he replies looking for Lily.

Jamal tells Annie that she has to take off and go into hiding. He tells her the network can set up a new identity and new life so she can be safe from Terry forever. Annie refuses replying she's standing her ground. Ryan storms in asking if there's anything new on Terry. He explains that Lily is missing and Terry has been far too quiet. Annie explains he has a brother in Vermont but hasn't seem him since the divorce. Ryan gets on the phone and discovers that Neil's out of the country in Ireland. Ryan starts to panic but tries to reassure Annie that Aidan is looking into it. The phone rings and hears that "Neil" returned a week ago but they all realize it must have been Terry that came over instead and scramble. He tells Annie not to open her door for anyone and leaves. Annie heads to her closet and grabs the gun she just recently got from Ryan. Annie has flashbacks about her husband the pedophile.

Ryan calls ConFusion asking if Lily is there and Jonathan grabs the phone asking what's wrong. Ryan replies it's as bad as it can get and Jonathan storms out running. Jonathan grabs Sean demanding to know where Lily is and Sean replies she's totally safe, she headed to meet some slow guy. He continues, telling Jonathan that she left the party to be alone with this guy. Jonathan panics.

Ryan bangs on Jackson's door telling him that Lily is missing.

Lily approaches Terry in the forest telling him she's there to visit. He plays with her saying he can't talk and text messages her a few messages but she tries to reassure him that they're already friends and she feels very safe. She confides to her new friend who still won't show his face about her marriage and her abilities. Lily tells him they could be "not lonely" together and could be his girlfriend. Terry, disguised under a hood and glasses, smiles and looks up. Lily continues, assuring him they're alone and Terry lures her further into the forest. She suggests she'll teach her "new boyfriend" how to kiss and he walks further on. They find a cabin and go into it. Terry texts her again to say no light, he's too nervous. She promises, understanding that people like them have all kinds of issues and she understands.

She then asks her what he's doing as he pushes a large cabinet against the wall. Lily continues piling furniture against the door. She asks if he feels a lot safer now? He texts "very, ok to light lantern now". Terry pulls off his hood to show his face to a stunned Lily.

Back at Colby's sweet 16, Jesse yells to the crowd to get the party started. He works the room and sings a song for Colby. He kisses her in front of the crowd and wishes her a happy birthday. Jesse sings for Colby as a sad Sidney looks on, no longer being embraced by the crowd. A reporter approaches Colby later and talks about Jesse and her birthday.

Colby and Sidney fight over Sean insisting he's both their dates. Her girlfriends cut Sidney down and Colby walks off with Sean. Later Sidney grabs Sean to dance as Colby heads to find her girlfriends for a real party that starts on the dock. He whispers in Sidney's ear and tells her he'll see her later. Colby approaches her and tries to cut her down telling Sidney she's just a charity case that Krystal felt sorry for and jump back into the case she came in from.

Sidney comes up to Colby pushing her away from the birthday cake and smacks some icing on her face.

Zach stands over a sleeping Tad until he wakes up. They stare down each other. He tells Tad he should lock his door because he never knows who will walk in. They talk about Tad testifying and how Zach can lose everything. Zach replies that they both know what happened to Madden that night and he knows the truth. He tells Tad that he's not getting the chance to send Zach to prison.

Derek and his boys storm in while Tad and Zach pummel each other. Zach takes one last punch before putting up his hands and faces an angry Derek. He asks what's going on and Tad snaps that he's a killer. Derek tells his men to cuff the "guilty one". He cuffs Zach and tells him it's over and he's locked up until his trial!


Adam calls the cops saying Colby has been kidnapped by a bunch of rowdy teens. JR approachs Josh asking if he's 'stalking' his wife? Terry asks a terrified Lily if he can help make her feel good about herself.

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