Lily Finalizes Plans to Meet Up With Terry

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Lily suggests a location to meet her new online friend the next day. Jamie asks Julia to travel the world with him. Krystal finds a way to stop the fighting between Colby and Sidney.

Lily Finalizes Plans to Meet Up With Terry image

Talking with her "friend" she discusses how she misses her husband and misses being married. Terry asks if she ever had sex and she replies no, that she's not ready. He asks if they can meet and whether she's going to share her plans with any one? Lily replies that she isn't going to tell her dad or anyone that she wants to meet up with him. Smiling, Terry looks on at a photo of Lily and asks her if they can get together tomorrow? Lily tells him where they can meet where they'll feel safe and alone.

Sean enters Lilly's room to talk and get to know her. She asks him if he thinks she's pretty? Sean tells her she's very pretty. She asks if he would date her and Sean replies that people should date each other with similar interests. Lilly smile's telling Sean "EXACTLY" and she talks about the guy she met online. The computer beeps and she tells him it's her friend and she wants to talk with him. Sean congratulates her for finding someone like her and walks out.

Sean reports back to Jonathan telling him that Lilly has found a friend online. He thanks Sean for keeping an eye on Lilly.

Babe has a drink with Amanda at ConFusion. She tells Babe in so many words that she has the hots for Jonathan and has never had feelings like this before with anyone. Babe tells her that a great relationship can be the best thing and could also be the worst? Amanda asks her what does she do when she wants to be with someone so badly and can't stop thinking about them?

Babe talks more about being friends with Josh and yet it causes others so much angst. Later on, she sits with Josh and has another drink. He goes over some plans for Fusion and asks if she wants to go upstairs to do more brainstorming. Babe declines, telling him she has to get home and they'll talk tomorrow.

Leaving the club, Jeff asks to talk with her. She asks if he saw the coffin and he replies that he did and it's a little morbid. He wonders if Josh would kill himself. Babe assures him that Josh is fine and he needed to get out some emotional stuff and doesn't think he'd do anything stupid. She apologizes and says she's not his babysitter and she has a family to take care of.

Adam walks into JR reading his son a story. He tells him that Babe was here to feed their son and then she left again. Adam asks if there's anything he wants to talk about, he's around.

Babe, arriving at home, sees that JR was waiting up for her. She heads over to him and tells him how much she loves him. He responds by kissing her and they fall into bed and make love.

Alone in his room with the coffin, Josh sits in the dark.

Colby answers her cell, telling Sidney it's important. Sean is on the other line telling her that tomorrow is set. Colby storms back in and tells Sidney that the dress she took from her is hers. Sidney threatens to expose Colby and her wine drinking. Krystal overhears them and smiles telling Colby that pictures like that would look great over the mantel.

Krystal chides Colby and asks her what she's thinking. She tells them both that they're lucky she doesn't cancel the party. Colby demands the dress back but Krystal tells her she'll buy her a dress. Krystal gets Colby and Sidney to volunteer for helping unwed poor mothers. Colby tells her it's slave labor but Krystal tells her it's not up for debate.

Julia and Jamie enjoy a drink at ConFusion. He tells her he wants to leave, get out and see the world just wanting the nightmare to end. Julia gets up to get another drink, standing by Josh she snaps if he has a snide comment to make to go ahead. Josh tells her he just wants to drink in peace. Returning to table, they continue talking about traveling the world. Jamie tells her to give her notice because he wants her to join him. Julia tells Jamie that she's done enough traveling for 3 lifetimes but declines. She loves her job and loves seeing patients and doesn't want to go anywhere. Jamie tells her so that's it? Julia tells him that she loves what they've had but if it ends tomorrow, it ends. She tells him to let her know what he decides and kisses him goodbye.

Annie asks Ryan for a gun and needs him to teach her how to use it because Terry has taken enough from her. Down at the gun range, Ryan gives her tips on how to use the gun. Annie, having flashbacks about hearing Terry's voice over and over, shoots the gun repeatedly.


Di tells Zach that Dixie doesn't have a chance. Lilly is interrupted by Jonathan.

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