Tad Tells Kendall the Truth

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Kendall demands the truth from Tad. Zach kisses Dixie passionately. Babe hammers Josh into a coffin. JR is fuming when he cannot reach Babe once again!

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Kendall tells Zach to stop playing her and tell her the entire truth. Zach, remaining evasive, tells her she has the truth. She tells him not to wait to back down and demands answers. He tells her he did NOT bury Madden, but Kendall tells him to make her believe it! Zach continues that he gave his word to Kendall that he didn't do it. But Kendall tells her that she's tired of not knowing everything.

She tells him to walk away from Dixie and never look back but Zach tells her he can't do that. Kendall is surprised asking why he won't walk away from Dixie? He accuses her of allowing Ryan of doing her thinking for her. She denies that Ryan has not influenced her in any way and tells Zach that Dixie is using him. Zach tells her no one uses him including Dixie. She tells him if he continues, he could be locked up for life because of her.

Why is he willing to sacrifice his marriage for Dixie she demands to know? Zach tells her she's the one sacrificing their marriage, not Dixie and Kendall doubting him is what's causing the problems. He tells her it's a matter of trust. But she snaps that him not letting her into his life causes the distrust especially when he wants her help without explaining the entire story and reminds him he's lied to her in the past. Zach replies that he loves Kendall more than life without further explanation for the CD or anything. Kendall, crying tells him he's put their future in jeopardy because of Dixie and to get out and go back to her!

Ryan, leaves the room telling Zach and Kendall they need to be alone and he runs into Annie. Lost in his thoughts, he keeps looking back at the door where Zach and Kendall are talking. Annie asks if there's anything he can do to help? Seeing Kendall come out of his office crying, Ryan asks Annie to go ahead with the project and hand it in but Annie tells him that the client is expecting them both. He gets everything completed and sits at his desk staring at the photo of Kendall and Spike.

Ryan beeps Annie telling her he'll be at home if she needs anything as he looks at Kendall's photo longingly.

Babe demands that Josh tell her who the coffin is for. He replies it's for himself. He explains that he built it for a reason and tells her to stop worrying. Josh tries to explain, seeing Madden in his head wondering what he was thinking and feeling. He continues, trying to explain that the coffin is like an experiment. When he was young, Madden taught him that to wonder about things in life is just to experience it. He goes on about the horrible things Madden did but he needs to know how awful it truly was for Madden. Babe tells him he doesn't need to know but he disagrees. He wants to see if the punishment fit his crimes.

Babe tells him that this isn't funny and it's crazy. Josh asks for her help and he'll go through with it with or without her help. She tells him she won't leave with him like this. He lifts the coffin lid as Babe watches on and tells Babe that he needs her! Josh lays down in the coffin and asks her to nail the lid shut on him. Babe slowly picks up the hammer and nails asking if he's sure he wants to do this. He tells her he doesn't want to but he has to do this for his father in order to come to terms with everything.

Josh, looking up a Babe, tells her he's ready and she proceeds to close the coffin and nail it shut. Josh immediately starts to hyperventilate but tries to remain calm. A confused Babe continues to put nails all around as Josh struggles in the dark. She sits quietly rubbing the coffin as Josh struggles with his inner demons in the coffin. Looking at her phone seeing that JR is trying to reach her, Babe puts it down. Josh starts to panic telling her he can't breathe and Babe desperately tries to pull the nails out telling him she's trying. She holds him close as he cries out that Madden didn't deserve that, no one deserved that as he tells her how much he loved Madden.

Derek tells Dixie that JR & Jamie can walk if Tad agrees to testify. JR tells Derek that Zach is the one who stole the tapes from Derek. Dixie tells JR to stop talking but he continues that Zach is guilty and he did take the tapes. JR tries to explain but Derek interrupts them saying no one saw Slater and it's just another story. Tad interrupts but Derek tells them all to make their decisions or the boys are heading to jail. He tells them it's incentive to testify but JR snaps to Derek that he was the one who stole the tapes. Tad yells that he'll testify and JR yells back "to hell with him" and storms out. Derek asks him to sit so he can take a statement.

The scenes in this episode are now racing race back and forth to various people:

Jamie works out feverishly when Julia walks in asking what's wrong. He replies that everything is going to hell. As Julia watches on, Jamie goes from weight to weight, working out his anger. Later, he collapses in Julia's arms for comfort and they make love. Laying on the floor, Julia tells Jamie she's here and asks if there's anything she can do for him. He pulls her close to make love a second time.

JR heads to ConFusion looking around for Del. He runs into Amanda and tells her that Jamie and him got arrested. He heads up to the bar and tells Del that his mother is going to jail because of him. Del tells him he didn't do anything but JR tells Del that he stopped Tad from taking off on that plane and now he has to testify against Dixie.

Later on, JR tries to call Fusion and asks for Babe. He discovers that both her and Josh are not in the office at the moment. JR sits alone at the bar, staring at his wedding ring. He tries repeatedly to call Babe.

Kendall asks Tad if Zach truly killed Madden because she really needs to know. She begs him for answers and that her marriage is on the line. Tad turning his back on her, contemplates how to answer her. He turns to Kendall and replies that he did see Zach and Dixie with Maddens' body. Kendall crying in disbelief, screams out Zach's name over and over. Tad goes over to comfort her telling her she shouldn't be alone and can stay with him. Kendall tells Tad that she does have to leave.

Back at his office, Zach looks at a photo of Kendall and Spike. In walks Dixie and he tells her that Kendall has decided that they're the killers. Zach drinks himself into a stupor. Spilling a drink all over himself and Dixie asks if he wants to talk. Zach, not making much sense can't seem to get the words out. Pouring himself another drink, Dixie strokes Zach's hand gently. Zach tries to pull away but then takes Dixie in his arms and they kiss passionately. He stops, looking up at Dixie, he bolts out of the office.


Colby tells JR that Babe is out messing around with Josh. Josh asks Babe to go upstairs to his room to brainstorm. Annie tells Ryan she's had enough of Terri taking everything from her and now it's time she takes it all back!

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