Spike is Mine!

Friday, June 8th, 2007

Greenlee hatches a plan to get back her "Stolen life." Kendall and Zach get ready to move to the new house. Ryan tries to assure Annie that he loves her. Jamie tells Julia he'll marry her. Amanda and JR have been kidnapped. Colby and Sean are in big trouble!

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Annie questions Ryan's devotion

It’s an evening of remembering the past in Pine Valley, and everyone seems to be feeling dangerously sentimental.

A bitter Greenlee is puttering through her dark and empty penthouse when she decides to pull out a box of old photographs of herself with Ryan and with Kendall, circa The Good Old Days. The photographs stir up memories for Greenlee; mostly memories of the day she walked out on Ryan and Kendall nearly two years ago. She’s wallowing in self-pity and resentment, and in Greenlee-speak that’s usually a dangerous combination. When she unearths Spike’s sonogram, the memories turn to imagination and Greenlee is treated to a “vision” of “what might have been – a glowy Kendall delivering the baby boy that should have been Greenlee’s, Greenlee and Ryan at her side, a new pink baby being handed to proud mommy Greenlee. This vision seems to generate a typically-vengeful Greenlee idea, and soon she’s making a mysterious phone call, urging the person on the other end to get over to the penthouse right away!

Meanwhile, Kendall, who is busily packing for the big move to the big new Slater house, unearths some memories of her own. She, too, is leafing through photos of Greenlee and herself – happy, smiling, best friends, sisters – and finds herself walking through the past as well. Zach urges Kendall to let go of the past and just concentrate on the future, but Kendall can’t help but feel sad when, in packing, she runs across the spoon that she, Greenlee, and Simone used to mix Fusion’s very first batch of lipstick in Kendall’s kitchen. All this emotion and work catches up with Kendall, who suddenly doubles over in pain. Is the baby in trouble? Zach calls the doctor and it turns out Kendall is just fine, but now she has the guilts about the new baby. “I can’t mess this up,” she tells Zach. “You need this baby.”

In the Lavery house, Annie’s got a handful of photographs herself – photos of her wedding with Ryan. Ryan comes home, carrying a box. Annie’s still stressing about Greenlee, about her presence in their lives, and about Ryan’s willingness to stand by Zach and Kendall, even if it risks his ability to be there for Annie and Emma. Ever the romantic, Ryan marches Annie to the rug in front of the balcony door, and proceeds to dump the box, which is full of sand, all around her. With the sand, a couple candles, and some sentimental mood music, Ryan reminds Annie of the very first time they went to the beach together, and pushes her to try to keep that moment in their lives whenever things get stressful and overwhelming. Despite his attempts, his whole-hearted “I love you’s,” and much kissing, Ryan isn’t able to make Annie’s doubts go away. “If Greenlee hadn’t left, you’d still be madly in love with her,” she says, “…And I don’t know how to fight that.”

While so much remembering and rehashing is going on in some Pine Valley lives tonight, some very real, very “now,” very disturbing things are happening in others.

At the Chandler mansion, Ava is putting the squeeze on Adam for more money for ridding Colby’s life of Sean Montgomery. Adam is resisting, telling Ava he’d already given her $500 for this project and it’s her own fault if she spent it already. But Adam doesn’t know who he’s messing with this time. Threatening to tell Colby that Adam was throwing money behind a Sean Montgomery setup, Ava demands another $1,000. But Adam is too busy worrying to balk when he finds out that Ava’s method of setting up Sean was to slip him a pocketful of drugs and have him busted on prom night. Is Colby right in the line of crossfire?


Colby gets off the hook

You bet she is! And this time the kind officers of Pine Valley PD, still holding a grudge about the time she and Sean got away with a limo joyride months before, intend to make the charges stick. And they think they’ve got a case this time. The drugs were in Sean’s jacket, which Colby was wearing, putting her in possession of the drugs. Time to call Adam for some Daddy Reinforcement!

Adam and Jack arrive at the police department – Adam throwing his weight and sputtering insults and threats as usual, and Jack going into lawyer-mode, trying to ferret Sean away into privacy before he can say anything incriminating. But it’s too late. The smitten Sean falsely confesses to buying the drugs just to get Colby off the hook. It works – the police will let Colby go – but the confession comes with a price. The judge won’t be available for arraignment until the morning, which means Sean will have to be held at the jail overnight. And though Jack doesn’t believe his story one bit, Sean’s sticking to it for the fair Colby’s sake.

At Wildwind, Julia has sprung the news on Jamie that she’s “late,” and that the pregnancy test is hers, not Di’s. Jamie doesn’t seem particularly pleased by the news, but does the honorable thing and offers to marry her if the test comes out positive. Julia says she won’t marry him, and offers a laundry list of reasons why not. He’s still getting over the loss of Dixie; he’s still in med school; his less-than-enthusiastic reaction when he thought the test was Di and Aidan’s; and, most of all, he’s only asking because it’s the right thing to do. She decides to shelve the test for the night and plans to take it first thing in the morning.


Is Adam the mastermind behind JR's kidnapping?

Amanda and JR have been kidnapped by two masked men, who hold them at knifepoint snarling, “Behave or die!” and call JR by name. They then usher JR and Amanda into a basement and lock them in. Amanda is losing it. They have no cell phones and no way out. JR tells her he thinks Zach Slater is behind the kidnapping, and that it’s about a takeover of Chandler Enterprises. Amanda doesn’t believe that theory. There’s one other person it could be, JR tells her, and that’s his recently-estranged and forever-vicious father, Adam. Running with that theory, JR begins pounding at the door, demanding that the kidnappers take him to his father. The door opens, a gloved hand reaches in, and JR is whisked away, leaving Amanda alone and afraid in the basement.

Morning arrives, and boy is it going to be one heck of a Pine Valley day!

Julia emerges from the bathroom where an anxious Jamie is pacing. She’s holding the pregnancy test stick. Is there one line or two on that stick…?

An elated Greenlee hands some papers to a well-dressed man, who in turn hands them to two couriers to get them delivered right away.

Just as Kendall and Zach are getting ready to head out the door to move to the new house, one of the couriers shows up at the condo with the delivery. Kendall pulls out the paper and…lo and behold it’s from Greenlee.


Ryan finds out that Greenlee wants Spike

At the same time, the other courier hands Ryan an identical set of papers at the Lavery house. It’s a custody suit from Greenlee. She wants Spike!

Colby shows up at the police station to see Sean, who is being ushered to the courtroom, about to be arraigned. Does she have sympathy and gratitude on her mind, or does she have her hate on?

JR is tossed back into the basement with Amanda. He’s beat up, bloody, and weak. Amanda is terrified and clutches him, sobbing. While resting on Amanda’s shoulder, JR flashes back to what really happened. Surprise! The kidnapping is not a setup by Adam after all. JR, known for Adam-like viciousness himself on more than one occasion, paid the thugs to kidnap him and Amanda and to beat him up. It’s a setup all right, but JR’s the one doing the deceiving. Is Adam about to be beat at his own game?

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