Tad Discovers Who Put Him in a Coffin!

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Tad discovers who trapped him. Babe admits to Kendall that she might never forgive JR for trying to kill her. Josh builds his own coffin.

Tad Discovers Who Put Him in a Coffin! image

Tad discovers who is behind putting him in the coffin, looking up he sees Del. Del tells him he's going to make sure he'll never hurt his sister again. Tad slams Del for doing this to him because he was heading out of town so he wouldn't have to testify against Dixie. Del thanks him for being so noble and holds a gun on him. Tad stands up against Del and Di interrupts them. She tells Tad to get his hands behind his back as she grabs some ropes.

Di tells Tad that he won't testify ever. Tad tries to explain to them that he was leaving the country before they pulled off kidnapping him. He promises to walk away from his entire life until Dixie is found not guilty! Del tells Di that keeping Tad is the best way to stop him from testifying. Tad demands that they untie him so he can leave and get on the jet.

Tad, calling JR & Jamie, telling them he's fine asks the boys to meet him at the jet. Di apologizes and tells Tad she appreciates what he's doing for Dixie. Tad walks out, past an angry Del.

JR tells Tad he'll notify the pilot that they're ready to go. Derek interrupts, telling them they won't be headed anywhere. Derek tells Tad that his sons will go to prison if he doesn't testify!

Babe confronts Kendall and tells her she knows that Zach and Dixie's affair is not real. Kendall replies that she just came from Zach, giving him divorce papers. Josh interrupts them and stands up for Babe. But Babe tells him he doesn't understand what he walked in on. Josh tells Kendall to quit hurting Babe and once again, plays the poor me tune accusing her of wanting her to get rid of him just like Erica once did.

Kendall & Babe tells Josh he has misunderstood what went on between them. But Josh insists that Kendall was still taking a stripe off of Babe. Babe tells her she realizes they're not friends and heaven forbid her and Kendall have anything in common, while listing all the things they actually have in common. Josh walks out on the both of them not understanding why Babe would stand up for Kendall at all. Babe turns to leave but Kendall asks her how she forgave a man that tried to hurt her?

Babe is insulted at first, not realizing that Kendall was asking for her advice. She replies that she doesn't even know if she forgave JR and is not sure if she ever will be ready to do that. Kendall tells Babe she makes excuses for everyone and can't understand how she doesn't forgive JR. Babe snaps at her but Kendall needs a way to forgive Zach and asks Babe how to do that?!

Babe replies that she kept JR out of jail and did it because she loves him, she wants a family with him and believes he'd never do it again. Kendall has a tough time understanding but truly doesn't know how to forgive anyone. She complains that every
time she tries to turn the other cheek, she gets slapped with another lie. Kendall continues to complain about always trying to do the right thing and does not know how to get past much of what's been done to her in the past.

Babe confides that she's terrified that her doubts about JR will always remain with her. She goes over all the happy times she has with JR, even before he tried to kill her. Those moments seem worth it all until she gets smacked with reality.

Josh, at his room, frantically builds a coffin???? An assistant at the hotel knocks on his door and asks Dr. Madden if everything was ok because they've had some complaints about hammering and sawing trying to look in the room. Josh tells him everything is just fine and apologizes for the noise. Another knock at the door, Josh finds Babe standing there and tells her it's bad timing. Pushing herself into his room, she sweetly tells him too bad and then is shocked to see a coffin!

JR & Jamie talk with Zach asking what they did with their father? Zach denies knowing anything about the whereabouts of Tad and doesn't care. They tell him that they covered for Zach at the station even though they have a million reasons to hang him.

JR tells Zach if he wants to make it out of the room alive, he better cough up the info on the location of Tad. Zach gives them one final warning.

Ryan talks with Doug about costing him money. Annie makes some suggestions to send out a press release to state they were the ones that backed out of the deal for various reasons. Ryan likes the idea and tells Annie to go ahead and send it out.

Ryans' bodyguards wrestle Zach into his office. Zach asks why the rough handling, afraid he'll bury Ryan next? Zach asks Ryan why he told Kendall about the disc and other things. He tells him he has gone too far this time and threatens not to hurt his wife again! Ryan asks Zach how he could have left Kendall's side when she was dying?!

Zach tells Ryan he doesn't answer to anyone including him. Ryan tells him he guesses he got his answer and shows him a photo of Kendall and his baby to Zach! Ryan continues that he stayed with Kendall and never left her side but still cannot understand how he didn't, that Zach made a conscious decision to leave and help Dixie instead. Zach explains that he helped Dixie because he understands what it's like to lose a child and wanted to make things right. But Ryan balks at him and lists all of Zach's mistakes and how many people he abandoned in his past.

Dixie goes to Derek and tells him she's guilty. Derek tells her he needs the other half of the accused. But Dixie insists she did it alone. Derek asks what she wants in return? Dixie replies she just wants Derek to leave JR & Jamie alone once and for all. Derek tells her to go home, she's not going to take the fall without Zach.

Derek tells her if she wants to save JR & Jamie, to turn states evidence and testify against Slater! No matter what Dixie tells Derek or pleads with him, she can't convince him to accept her plea. He receives a phone call and has to leave but throws a picture of a dead Madden in front of her and asks her to think about things for awhile.


Kendall demands the truth from Zach one last time or it is finished. Babe puts Josh into the coffin and nails it shut.

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