Operation: Jenny!

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Kendall and Zach try to move forward; Hannah has a run-in - literally! - with Josh. Erica appeals to Adam and then Janet. Krystal finds out Janet is involved in the kidnapping. Alexander is shot!

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Josh sets Hannah off!

At the Cambias offices, Hannah threatens to fire Josh because he was four minutes late. "Four minutes and 48 seconds," Lily says as they go into Hannah's office. They return a few minutes later with several files in hand. When Lily tells them she doesn't have time, Hannah assures her that the files aren't for her to deal with - they are for Josh! Seeing that an argument is brewing, Lily heads for her closet. "Until you prove more, you're only my administrative assistant," she says and turns away! She trips when her high heel breaks and Josh begins to laugh. Angry, Hannah runs for her office and slams the door!


Kendall worries about Alexander.

In Zach's office, Kendall surprises him but not in a good way. Alexander is headed to the psych hospital and she is worried about it. Zach promises that he has his own security staff following Alexander, in addition to the police staff. That isn't what is worrying Kendall, though. She worries that Zach won't be able to stay away from Alex and makes him promise that he will stay away from the jail and the psychiatric hospital! Morning sickness sends Kendall running from the room and when she returns, Zach tells her to go home and rest. Kendall won't leave until Zach makes a promise, though. He holds her hands, telling her that he isn't going to blow their future for revenge against Alexander! Kendall is still uneasy about the transfer, though. "I want to let it go but I can't," she says, leaning on him. Zach promises her that Alexander will never get close to them again. Kendall leaves for work. When he is alone, Zach picks up the morning paper to see a picture of Alexander on the front page. Lily arrives with a messenger envelope. Inside is a picture of Kendall from Las Vegas with a needle to her neck. It is signed by Alexander! Angry, he takes off. Later, Kendall returns with Chinese food, only to find out that Zach has already left. Worried, she wonders where he has gone.


Who is planning murder?

In the alley, someone dressed in black begins to put the high-powered rifle together. The person sets up a stand, calibrates the weapon and then attaches a silencer!


Alexander is shot!

At the jail, Derek plays Zach's teddy bear for Alexander and asks the guards to get him ready for transfer. In the alley, he stuffs the bear into Alexander's unresponsive arms. From behind the jail, someone takes aim and shoots Alexander in the chest!


Erica asks Adam to reconsider.

Erica arrives at the Chandler mansion, asking him to reconsider the kidnapping! The police arrive right behind her to question Adam; the officer asks her to leave but she refuses to leave. The lieutenant tells Adam about Amanda's confession, without mentioning her name, surprising Adam. Telling the officer that the informant is lying, Adam swears to never have seen Janet. The officer hands over a warrant and begins to search the mansion and grounds. "Be sure to check the top of the bookcases, that's where I keep all the babies I steal," he says! Erica grabs his arm, asking if he really thinks he can get away with the snatch. The lieutenant returns, asking why Adam became friendly with Janet when he was taken to the same hospital a few weeks ago. He explains he was trying to save his own life! The police leave to continue their search, leaving Erica and Adam alone. He doesn't open up to her. Instead, he turns his anger on her because she refused to help him have Krystal and Babe sent away on insurance fraud charges. "I am your last hope," Erica cries, refusing to leave the mansion! When she raises the issue of the yacht, Adam assures her that he didn't buy her yacht to hide Janet and the baby away. Erica tries to get through to him, telling him she doesn't blame him for acting out. Still, Adam won't admit to the kidnapping. She tries to make him see that hurting Tad by taking his baby isn't the way to get revenge. She explains that Krystal took advantage of Tad's weakness and hurt nine months earlier and now Adam is hurting Tad even more by taking his second daughter. "The best way to deal with Krystal is to just be done with her," she says. Adam is quiet for a moment, but then he calmly tells her that she is wrong about everything. Erica doesn't buy his explanation and Adam orders her to leave. Left alone, Adam welcomes the lieutenant, who tells him the mansion is empty. He warns Adam not to leave town and then leaves himself.


Tad worries about Jenny's safety.

At the yacht club, Amanda asks about the search for Jenny and tries to apologize. Jamie doesn't want to hear it; he believes she should have come clean from the beginning. If she had, he believes, Jenny wouldn't be missing. "You should have come to me," he says, unable to understand why she kept quiet. Jamie asks her to go and she does. Tad arrives from the Coast Guard boat, unsettled because they haven't been able to find any sign of the yacht! He yells at a Coast Guard member, but quickly apologizes. "I'm begging you, find the boat," he says. The officials promise Tad they'll keep looking and leave. Tad wonders if focusing on the yacht is the wrong thing to do. Tad begins to talk to Dixie, asking her to give him strength. "I can't endure the nightmare all over again," he says emotionally. One of the Coast Guard members comes over, telling him they have found the yacht! When Jamie returns, Tad tells him about the second half of their plan, just in case Janet and Jenny aren't on the yacht. He wants to plead with Janet through television!


Babe promises to get Jenny back!

Babe wakes Krystal, who has been sleeping in her hospital bed, with word that it's time to go. "I don't want to leave here without my little girl," Krystal cries. Colby and Babe sit with Krystal as she holds one of Jenny's onesies, crying. She worries that they will never find Jenny; Colby tells her that Adam wouldn't even listen to her. Babe kneels beside her momma, telling her that Tad is already following leads. Amanda comes inside, asking Krystal to forgive her. "I swear we're going to find my mom and we'll get the baby back," she says, shocking Krystal who didn't know Janet was involved! Amanda tries to explain that Adam took her mother, not knowing that they were planning to take Jenny. Krystal explodes in anger. Babe tries to make Krystal understand that Janet wouldn't hurt the baby, but Krystal doesn't care. Amanda apologizes and leaves. Babe leaves to finish Krystal's paperwork and Colby apologizes to Krystal for not being able to get through to Adam. Krystal holds her, telling her that she did everything she could and sends the girl off to school. "I'm going to find her," Krystal says to Jenny when she is alone. Krystal grabs her bag and takes off!

In the hall, Jamie approaches Amanda, telling her about the plan to contact Janet and asking for her help!


Zoe hopes for the best!

Sitting on the New Beginnings stage, Bianca and Zoe talk about leaving. She reassures Zoe that the interview went well and hands her a note from a fan. Reluctantly, Zoe opens it, remembering all of the messages and emails she has gotten in the last few hours. The note is from her father! Calling her "Freddie" in the letter, her father tells her that he has followed her musical career. "Have you really been unhappy your entire life? Am I the reason why?" her father asks in the letter. Her father goes on to apologize for not understanding Zoe's choices. "I hope one day I can love you for who you are now as much as I loved Freddie," he says. Zoe begins to cry and Bianca takes her in her arms. Erica arrives, surprised to see them. Both say a final goodbye, touching Erica's heart. Bianca reminds Erica that she will be back. "I think I'll miss you most of all," Erica says and hugs her close. Bianca tells her she loves her as Miranda runs in to give Erica a last hug. Erica walks them out of the studio.


Erica asks Janet for help!

A few minutes later, Tad arrives at New Beginnings asking Erica for her help. He wants her to go on television to make a plea for Janet to call Amanda! He believes that by not mentioning Jenny but telling Janet that Amanda is in trouble, she will call in! Erica goes on television, asking Janet to call her daughter. "I know how much you love your daughter. Please get in touch with Amanda now," Erica says.


Janet has no idea what is happening!

In her new digs, Janet cuddles the baby, talking about their future. She imagines the future she will make with Adam and the baby. "And if Adam Chandler disappoints us, he is going to regret it," she tells Jenny! Moments later, Janet turns on the television and hears Erica's plea that she call Amanda. She picks up the phone and dials but before the call is put through a knock interrupts her. She puts the phone down as Amanda answers! At the door, the adoptive parents apologize for being early. She asks who they are. "We came to take our new baby home," they tell her!

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