Drama, Drama!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Amanda tells what she knows about Adam and Janet; Erica plans a family gathering to send of Bianca and Zoe in style. Greenlee arrives in town! Ryan and Annie take dancing lessons.

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Ava imagines her life differently.

At the New Beginnings studio, Ava asks to see Erica, pretending to be Lily. A stage hand tells her Erica has gone but allows Ava access to the stage area. She begins to go through Erica's set jewelry collection. Returning to the set, Ava pretends that she is being interviewed by Erica. She cuts the "interview" short and leaves the studio.


Colby asks Adam to set things right.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam tells Colby that he isn't responsible for Jenny's disappearance but Colby doesn't believe him. "If you give the baby back, I swear I'll move back in," she says. Adam can't believe what he is hearing and believes that Krystal or Tad have put her up to it. Colby tells Adam that no one put her up to anything; she just wants her family back! "You're acting on their behalf!" Adam exclaims, angry that Colby isn't automatically taking his side. Colby asks if he took the baby because he wanted to hold on to something. Angry, Adam thrusts the phone and tells Colby to call the cops if she is so sure that he took Jenny! Colby refuses to call, telling Adam that she will take Jenny back and keep his name out of everything. She suggests that they sail away after she returns the baby but Adam refuses. Colby leaves. Alone, Adam pours himself a drink.


Amanda tells the truth!

At the hospital, Jamie confronts Amanda. He realizes that Amanda knows something that she isn't telling. Before she can answer, JR and Babe arrive and Babe comes to her defense. JR isn't so easy to sway though and demands answers from Amanda! She backs away, struggling with what she knows. Tad comes in, asking for her help and Amanda breaks down. Telling them that she doesn't know anything about Jenny, Amanda tells them that he took Janet from the hospital. The others become angry, asking how she could have kept quiet. "Are you telling me that Adam stashed my child with a mental patient?" Tad asks. Amanda tells them what she remembers, which isn't much. She remembers stairs and a locked room. Colby arrives, listening in. Tad and Jamie believe Adam took her to the attic room, but they have searched it and not found Janet. "I may know where they are," Colby says, telling them that Adam no longer wants to sail away on the yacht! Amanda leaves them, calls Adam and demands that he tell her where Janet is. "How do I know that you haven't already hurt her?" she asks, when Adam won't give her any information. Adam hangs up on her and Amanda throws the phone across the room. JR sees everything. "Once my father gets a hold of your life it will never be the same," he warns her.


Bianca and Zoe get a grand send-off!

At the yacht club, workers are preparing for a party. Erica has put together a last minute going away party for Bianca and Zoe! The entire Kane and Montgomery families are there, along with Myrtle. Seeing Jack across the room, Erica approaches him, thanking him for coming to the party. "It's good to have the family together," she says, when Jack asks how she feels about his being there. Kendall and Josh watch as they skirt the real issues. A waiter arrives, announcing that dinner is ready and she leaves. Josh takes Jack aside, telling him that Jeff wasn't invited because he and Erica are no longer an item. Zoe and Zach talk about their pasts, both having come to terms with their fathers. Kendall takes Bianca aside, asking how she is supposed to get through the pregnancy and her life with her sister. Sad because she is leaving but excited about her plans, Bianca tells her that things will be fine. Lily begins talking to Bianca and Kendall about Ava; both are excited to meet her. At the bar, Kendall begins showing pictures of Spike. Across the room, Myrtle captures Erica's attention, telling her that she is happy that Erica and Jack are getting on so well. "Is there some kind of progress?" Myrtle asks, believing that she sees sparks between them. Erica tells her there are no sparks, believing that Jack is unreachable. Myrtle tells her not to give up. The group sits down to dinner and Jack proposes a toast to Binks. Erica gives a toast to Zoe, bringing back a memory of Erica supporting Greenlee. Kendall is next in the toasts, telling Bianca that she won't give birth without her sister by her side. Josh stands to give his own toast but is interrupted when Tad and Jamie burst onto the scene. Telling them that Jenny is gone and that Adam is behind Janet's disappearance, Tad asks Jack for help. Bianca and Zoe rush to the hospital to be with Babe. Tad believes that Adam may have put Janet and the baby on the yacht and demands that the harbormaster give him the slip number. The harbormaster refuses, telling them that the yacht sailed - with no destination point! Jamie calls the Coast Guard and helps Tad get ready to get on the boat that will begin searching for the Chandler yacht.


Nightmares plague Krystal.

Alone in her hospital room, Krystal dreams that Adam has come to see here. Calling the baby Charlotte, Adam tells Krystal it's time to go home. A nurse brings in the baby but before she can hand her over, Krystal begins to wake up. Tad sits beside her, promising that he will get Jenny back. The sedative takes over again and Krystal is thrust back into the nightmare, with Adam telling her that she will never see Jenny again! Krystal wakes, alone, grabs her bag and leaves the hospital room. She winds up at the nursery but doesn't go inside. Joe finds her there and tells her to go back to bed. "Is this payback?" she wonders, asking if she brought this on herself and worried that she will never see her child again. Joe tells Krystal a story about Tad, telling her that things happen and there is no way to protect a child all day, every day. "All we can do is do our best," he says, assuring her that they will find Jenny. Arriving at the hospital, Bianca asks Krystal if there is anything she can do. "I know exactly what is going through your head," she says, telling Krystal that there is nothing she could have done to stop it. Krystal does blame herself, though, believing that she deserves to have Jenny taken away because of what she and Babe did in the past. Outside, Zoe offers to stay in Pine Valley until Jenny is found, but Babe nixes that idea, telling her that she isn't to blame. Krystal returns to stand outside the nursery with Babe. After a moment, Babe leads Krystal back to the room.


Greenlee wants her life back!

From just off the yacht club terrace, Greenlee spies on the Kane/Montgomery family gathers. As the others talk and laugh, Greenlee remembers when she was part of the family. She remembers Jack inviting her in the group and Erica's acceptance of her. She remembers Kendall offering to carry her child. She obviously wants her life back! Before anyone spots her, Greenlee leaves the club.


Ryan and Annie get dancing lessons!

At Wildwind, Ryan surprises Annie with dancing lessons! Louie Van Amstel from Dancing with the Stars is going to teach them both to dance for the reception! Louie begins dancing with Annie and soon Ryan cuts in. He suggests a slow dance, and Louie puts on music for a rumba. As they continue dancing, Ryan and Annie talk about the wedding. Louie leaves and Ryan kisses Annie while they continue dancing. From outside the terrace, Greenlee watches them, remembering Ryan telling her that he will always love her.

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