Will Jenny Be Found?

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Tad confronts Adam; Krystal has to be sedated. Amanda learns what Adam has done, but will she be able to change things? Colby has a solution for Adam, but will he take it?

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Zoe is nervous about the TV show.

At the New Beginnings studio, Erica prepares for the live interview with Zoe. Reporters from several national outlets are following her around, asking questions. Meanwhile, Bianca finds Zoe who is finally nervous about the interview and offers her support. Erica heads to the stage, greets the audience and introduces Zoe. She heads to the stage to thunderous applause; Bianca takes her seat. Zoe talks a little about her transformation, saying her jokes and her songs cover the pain that she has been through. "I hid for so long behind Zarf and hidden meanings in my lyrics that it's nice to be honest," she says. Without saying her name, Zoe talks about how Bianca has helped her through the transformation. Erica opens the floor to questions and Zoe begins talking about her family's reaction. She talks about romance and not being ready for that and Bianca takes the microphone to ask her own questions about their relationship and where things could go. Erica asks one last question and an angry woman stands up, calling Zoe a pervert! Erica comes to Zoe's defense, telling the woman that the show isn't about ratings but about educating. Zoe simply listens. "Maybe you wouldn't call her brave," Erica says, and thanks Zoe for her courageous stand. Zoe begins to sing her new song and the crowd goes wild. After the show, Erica confronts Leon, realizing that her new producer planted the angry woman. She fires him as Bianca listens in. When he leaves, Bianca comes over, thanking Erica and telling her that she wants to be just like her!


Stuart gives Adam a warning.

At the Chandler mansion, two guards come in, pulling Tad off of Adam at gunpoint! Adam tries to convince them that he didn't take Jenny but gets nervous when Jamie tells him they have an eye witness! Calmly, Adam pours a drink, telling them that they have nothing on him. Tad refuses to leave and when Adam makes a comment about Kate, Jamie has to hold him back. Adam points the finger at Jamie, who helped Babe take Miranda but no one is listening to his explanations. "You're doing this to torture Krystal. Just tell us where Jenny is," Tad begs. Adam offers to let them search the house. When they finally leave, Adam asks Tad to give Krystal his condolences! JR hangs back when the others leave, telling Adam that his only family is now Tad and Jamie! Alone, Adam calls Janet to check on the baby. Janet practically bursts with excitement because she and the baby are getting along so well. Stuart arrives, and when Adam is flippant about Jenny becomes angry. "I want that baby back now," he says, "and I'm not playing!" Adam professes his innocence but Stuart doesn't believe him. Stuart tells Adam that if he doesn't fix what he has done, Stuart will turn his back on him! He asks Adam what Charlotte would do if she knew the truth and storms out of Adam's office.


Krystal wants Jenny at any cost!

In the hospital nursery, Krystal refuses to leave the room until they find the baby. Seeing Derek, Krystal things are much worse that she originally imagined. An officer comes in, telling Krystal that she has contaminated the crime scene and she becomes even more upset. Babe pulls her from the room and explains that the baby has been taken as Colby listens in. She disappears before anyone realizes she is there. "Adam took her. He wants her dead!" Krystal exclaims. Babe brings Krystal back to her room, hearing Joe tell Derek about the visitors to the nursery. She asks if they believe it's Adam and Derek says no. In most cases, a baby is taken by a woman who has lost a baby. Krystal fears they are looking in the wrong direction. Tad, JR and Josh arrive, asking Derek if there is any news. Derek is angry, thinking they may have compromised an investigation against Adam. Derek tells them that Krystal knows about the disappearance; Tad heads to her room and JR asks Derek to push up the search for Janet. He believes that Janet is involved! An officer approaches with a baggie - it has Jenny's ID bracelet inside! Seeing Tad, Krystal reacts angrily when she learns that he hasn't found Jenny yet. He asks Babe to leave. Tad tells Krystal that Aidan is tailing Adam and that they will find Jenny.


Derek shows Tad the ID bracelet.

In the hall, Babe runs into Amanda and tells her the news. Amanda asks if Janet is behind it and Babe tells her that Adam is the prime suspect. JR comes down the hall and the three watch Tad and Krystal fight in the hospital room. Jeff hears the raised voices and comes inside as Tad tells Krystal not to let fear side track them and she tries to leave. "Jenny needs us," Krystal says as Jeff gives her a sedative. "Adam took my baby," Krystal cries as the sedative begins to take effect. JR takes Babe out, telling her that they will find Jenny. Angry, Jamie approaches, blaming JR and the rest of the bar of the nurses strike and for Jenny's disappearance. Derek comes down the hall and pulls Tad into the hall. He shows him Jenny's ID bracelet. Tad returns to sit with Krystal; inside, Joe comforts him, telling Tad that they will find Jenny. "Seems like every time I find I've got a daughter, I lose her. Forever," Tad says, dejected.


Amanda learns about Jenny!

Leaving Krystal's room, Amanda calls Adam. "Where did you and my mom take Krystal's baby?" Adam doesn't admit to taking the child, but does hint that Janet could be in big trouble if he doesn't get to her soon. Once again, he threatens to hurt Janet if Amanda doesn't come through with information about Tad and Jamie. Adam hangs up to take another call, leaving a flustered Amanda worried about her mother. Moments later, Amanda runs into Jamie who realizes that she knows more than she has been telling them. Angry, she walks away. Jamie follows.


Janet is set for Mommy-dom!

Back at the Chandler mansion, Adam hangs up on Amanda when he realizes the adoption lawyer is on the other line. He tells Adam that the adoptive parents are on their way. Glad, Adam hangs up as Janet calls. She tells Adam that she needs more things for the baby, starting with a few more receiving blankets and the complete works of Mozart! She is taking her mothering role very seriously. Adam spots Colby in the doorway and hangs up. She enters, telling him that she made a mistake in leaving! "I'm here to stay, Dad. Will you take me back?" she asks. When Adam says she can stay, Colby tells him to give Krystal back her baby!


Who will find Jenny?

Meanwhile, in Adam's lawyers office, the adoptive parents get their first pictures of the baby.

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