Kendall Asks For a Divorce

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Kendall files for divorce for real. Babe tries to convince Dixie to plead guilty. Krystal confronts Josh. Adam threatens to sue Derek for false arrest of Jamie & JR.

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Kendall lays out the divorce papers explaining how she wants things split up and tells Zach she wants this over quickly. Zach asks her lawyer to leave so he can talk with his wife alone. The lawyer tries to explain that the settlement is more than fair and to settle this without causing further hurt by either party. Zach gets the lawyer to leave and asks why she's so upset? Kendall tells him she knows that Tad saw him and Dixie putting Madden's body in the trunk.

She asks Zach about the disc that was found in their closet and how did he get ahold of it? He asks her what else Ryan told her? She explains everything but tells Zach that he hasn't been nearly as upfront with her as Ryan. Kendall tells him how she hates the lies, the "lie" of the affair and everything else but she went along with it because she believed him. Now, she doesn't know what to think and asks him if he really buried Madden?

Zach tries to explain how he got the disc. She tries to understand how he ended up with it and makes him explain it all to her. Zach replies to just trust him but Kendall balks at that because she deserves to know everything. He tells her he loves her and owes her everything "but the truth" Kendall replies. She tells him to sign the divorce papers because she's not doing this anymore.

Babe is on the phone with the station and tells Krystal JR was arrested. Colby whines stating if JR gets more press than her birthday party, she'll freak! Krystal tells her to shut her mouth! But Colby doesn't listen and continues to whine about everyone else always getting the attention instead of her. In walks Adam and Krystal tells him that JR is in jail and Babe is on her way to the station. Adam heads out to get JR out of jail & Colby turns to Krystal telling her that she needed her daddy more than JR. Krystal tries to put Colby in her place but doesn't succeed.

Josh comes to the house and asks for Babe to drop off some work. Krystal asks him to come in because she'd like a "word with him". While Josh waits for Krystal, Colby tries to hit on him. He smiles and thanks her for the compliment and reminds her that she's far too young for his liking. In walks Krystal telling Colby to go to her room NOW!

Krystal asks Josh why he really showed up? Krystal tells him that he was probably hoping JR was here so he could rub his friendship with Babe in JR's face. Josh stands up against her demands of leaving Babe alone and snidely tells her she's nothing but a gold digger and asks her how she hangs onto her sugar daddy and walks out the door!

Colby tells Sidney that her and Josh slept together once. Sidney doesn't buy her story and tells her she's making it all up. Colby tells her to ask JR because found them. Sidney threatens that if they really did, Josh could go to jail and should tell her dad. Colby snaps admitting that they really didn't do anything!

Dixie calls Tad to talk with him about Tad testifying and warns him to stay away from Zach. She apologizes for hurting him and wants him to call so they can talk it out.

Babe storms in asking Dixie if she ever stops plotting? Dixie tells her she has no idea what she's talking about and asks her what happened? Babe tells her that JR and Jamie tried to steal the tapes from bugging Tad's place. She tells her that Derek is out to get everyone that tries to get in the way of the murder investigation. Babe continues, that there is another NEW witness willing to testify against her and Zach.

Babe tells Dixie that JR is risking everything for her. Dixie accuses her of being more than friends with Josh. She tells Dixie that JR knows how much she loves him. Dixie accuses her of playing games and making JR jealous, especially being alone on an island. She wonders what really happened on that island? Babe threatens her and admits that Josh is the witness that knows more about them. She tells Dixie that she should have not stopped Josh from going to the cops because saving her isn't worth it.

Babe demands that she plead guilty because she's destroying everyone around her including JR and storms out.

Derek demands to know what JR & Jamie did with the tapes! They deny having the tape at all and tells Derek they can't charge them for something they didn't do. JR & Jamie continue to deny having anything to do with the missing tapes. Babe enters and Derek tells her that the two guys are obstructing a murder investigation.

JR tells her that the cops are just messing with them and because Tad is missing so Derek is going off the deep end. JR complains about Babe doing anything she wants including with Josh. Babe tells JR he has no idea how much he owes Josh and walks out.

JR keeps telling Derek that he's already searched them and has found nothing so he needs to let them go! Derek decides to arrest them anyway even though he has no proof.

Adam enters the station and tells Derek he's going to call the governor and his job will be over because he's sick of all the grandstanding Derek has been pulling lately. Derek lets the boys go and Adam tells them that Tads jet never took off.

Dixie knocks on Derek's door to talk with him.

JR and Jamie look for Tad and try to locate Zach.

Tad wakes up realizing he's in a coffin! Desperately struggling to break free, Tad realizes he probably will die. He calms down trying to think what to do next and thinks it was Slater that put him in there. He starts screaming and kicking the coffin realizing he hears an echo so he continues to kick it.

He here's someone approaching and the person reaches in to drag Tad out. A shocked Tad looks at his kidnapper and shakes his head replying "OH NO"!


Tad confronts the guy behind the coffin burial. Ryan's bodyguards drag Zach to him. Dixie tells Derek she wants to plead guilty.

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