"Where's My Baby?"

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Krystal learns the truth about Jenny; Tad and company go in search of Adam. Hannah confronts Zach; Bianca worries about Zoe's television appearance.

Bianca worries about Zoe.

In Erica's New Beginnings office, Kendall learns that Bianca really wants to go to Paris to be near Zoe. She isn't pleased with the news, but before she can start a real fight, Bianca asks for her help to keep Erica from doing something stupid with Zoe on live television. Kendall thinks Bianca is overreacting. "This is Zoe's choice, not yours," she says, making Bianca angry. She believes that Kendall only wants to see Zoe made a fool of! Erica runs in for her research but won't talk to Bianca about the show. Zoe follows, asking her to come back to the set. Erica runs back out and Kendall follows, leaving Zoe and Bianca alone. Bianca warns Zoe not to go on television with her mother but Zoe is certain she can handle anything that Erica could throw at her. "I'm just going to sing a song and be a fascinating guest," Zoe says. Bianca doesn't understand why Zoe would even want to go on the show and she explains that this gives her the chance to talk to people instead of waiting for the rumors to come out. Zoe changes the subject, asking if Bianca is going back to Paris only to begin a relationship with her. Bianca tells her that she is moving to return to her life there. "I want to be close to you," she says, even though she knows that Zoe isn't ready for a relationship. They hug and Zoe heads out to the stage.


Zach and Kendall make up!

At Cambias, Hannah confronts Zach, wondering how he can be so calm after all that has happened with Alexander. She can't understand how he can focus on work when Alexander has gotten away with murder! Zach explains that Alexander has created a hell worse than jail by copping the insanity plea. "It's still not justice," Hannah says. Zach asks what she wants from him, but Hannah can't give him an answer. She is plagued with doubts about what she has done in the past. Zach talks about his own regrets, especially for Ethan, but explains that he is fully in the future now. "We have the power to let go," he says, moving back to his desk and angering Hannah. She isn't ready to move forward and can't understand why Zach is. "It's my hate that feeds him. It's my indifference that's gonna kill him," Zach says. He tells Hannah about the new baby. Kendall arrives a few moments later and Hannah leaves. "You, my love, are a liar," Kendall says, angry that he lied about sending Bianca out of town. She doesn't stay mad long, though, and soon they are both giggling. Kendall pushes Zach into a chair and he wonders how long she will stay mad. She sits on his lap, letting him know all is forgiven. "You may kiss me," he says and she does!


Can Hannah have a future?

In her office, Hannah reels from the news of Zach's new baby. "Where is my second chance?" she asks herself and throws papers all around the office. Josh hears the crash and comes in, asking if he can help. Hannah wants him to leave, but Josh just comes right in and begins to clean up her mess. She warns him to keep his distance because she is his boss - and that is all she will ever be! Josh leaves, but is intrigued by Hannah.


JR questions a nurse.

In Krystal's hospital room, Stuart asks to see the baby. Jenny isn't there yet and Krystal gives Stuart a warning for Adam: to stay away from Jenny! Babe tells Stuart what happened while Krystal was in labor but Stuart already knows; despite what Adam did, Stuart asks Krystal to forgive his brother! "Adam just gets mean when he's hurt," Stuart says, telling Krystal that Adam is filled with pain not anger. He leaves. Outside, the search is on for Jenny. Tad wonders if Adam could be behind the disappearance. When he asks a nurse to help them search she ignores him and when she leaves, JR and Jamie confront her as well. They ask for descriptions of all of the women who have gone into the nursery. As she tells them about a couple of women and one man who came, Stuart arrives. Tad asks if he may have taken Jenny to protect her. Stuart is confused, and tells them that he just got there. Jamie asks the nurse if the man in the nursery resembled Stuart. "Maybe," she says as Babe arrives and learns Jenny is missing. Stuart admits that Adam did know that he was going to volunteer at the hospital and Tad jumps to the conclusion that Adam showed up a few hours early for Stuart's volunteer duty! Joe arrives, sending Stuart off to help the fill-in nurses. Babe and Tad think Adam is the obvious choice; Jamie suggests that Janet might be involved as well. Joe asks them all to take a step back and not overreact. Tad asks Joe to question the nurses in the maternity ward, hoping that the nurses might remember something more. When he leaves, Tad and Jamie both come to the same conclusion: that Adam has taken Jenny to his secret room! JR overhears and wonders what they are talking about. Tad asks Babe to stall telling Krystal anything and he, Jamie and JR leave the hospital.


Krystal questions Joe.

Babe returns to Krystal's room, telling her that Jenny will be there soon. She explains that the strike is slowing everything down. Krystal doesn't believe her and doesn't want to wait any longer so Babe comes up with more reasons for the slow down. "What aren't you telling me?" Krystal asks. Babe beats around the bush, not telling Krystal anything but also not letting her out of the room. Krystal realizes something is wrong and worries that Jenny could be sick. Angry, Krystal storms out of the room before Babe can stop her! Krystal tears through the hospital halls but a security guard stops her before she can enter the nursery. The guard won't let her in, worrying her even more. Joe arrives and tries to calm Krystal down; his arrival distracts the security guard and Krystal makes it inside to find Jenny is gone! "Where are all the babies?" Krystal asks. Joe tries to reassure her but Krystal wants answers. "Are you saying that my baby is gone?" she asks!


Adam and Janet make plans!

In the Chandler mansion, Janet realizes that the baby Adam has given her is Krystal's! "How could you do this?" she asks and is perplexed when Adam tells her that Krystal deserves this - for lying to him! Janet holds the baby, trying to protect her from Adam's anger. He tells Janet that he couldn't leave the baby to be ruined by Krystal and Tad. "Who is the best mother I know?" he says, asking for Janet's help. He tells her that as much as he would like to, he can't keep Jenny at the mansion and then asks if she would help him give the child a better life. "I will take care of this child as if she were my own," Janet says. Adam offers to help but informs her that he'll have to send them both away for a while first! He says he will join them as soon as he can, though. Adam kisses Janet on the forehead to convince her that he wants a future with her!


Adam sets the baby deal in motion!

Tad, Jamie and JR break into the attic room, but no one is there! Seeing the empty room, JR believes it means Adam wasn't involved but Tad and Jamie aren't ready to give up. They begin searching the tunnels. Meanwhile in his office, Adam calls the adoption lawyer who has found a couple to adopt the baby - no questions asked! "Perfect!" Adam says. Tad, Jamie and JR enter from the tunnels and Tad immediately goes on the attack against Adam.

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