Trouble in Pine Valley

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Tad and JR realize Jenny has been taken; Adam makes arrangements for an "adoption". Annie and Ryan make a big decision; Greenlee decides it's time to come home!

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Annie shocks Ryan.

At Wildwind, Emma practices her wedding walk as Ryan and Annie make a few plans. Emma pulls a new book from a hiding place, giving it to Ryan to read. It's the story of how Queen Annabelle found her true love! Annie returns with a guest list, surprised that Emma pulled out the new book. She sends Emma off, upset because the book was a surprise for Ryan on their wedding day! She puts the book away, telling him it isn't finished. She changes the subject but they quickly return to the subject of the book. Ryan has his own surprise for Annie and tells her that he is going to reverse the vasectomy! Annie is surprised by the news but wants to make sure Ryan is doing this for himself, not for her. He tells her that he isn't the same person who had the vasectomy and he wants more children! They kiss. Annie gets quiet for a moment and then says, "I want to make it legal. I want you to adopt Emma." Ryan can't believe what he is hearing and agrees. "That is the best wedding present I could ever ask for," he says. Emma returns and they play a board game.


Hello, Greenlee!

In the mysterious office, the woman researching Ryan remembers working with Kendall to launch Fusion. It's Greenlee! In the office, she reaches for a butterfly pin, remembering when Ryan gave it to her. She picks up the phone and books a flight to Pine Valley - one way! Greenlee is headed home!


Bianca and Zach fool Kendall.

At the Fusion offices, Zach arrives with Kendall. Seeing Bianca, Kendall asks Zach to convince Bianca to move back to Paris! When Zach doesn't budge, Kendall goes for coffee. Bianca approaches to ask Zach a favor of her own - to be sent back to Paris! Zach can't believe what he is hearing and wonders if Kendall or Erica convinced Bianca to go back. "What about Zoe?" he asks and learns that Zoe is headed to London. Seeing that Bianca just wants to be close to Zoe, he agrees. "Paris will be glad to have you," he says, assuring her that Kendall will be fine with the move. Kendall returns as Zach and Bianca begin to put on a show about her moving or not moving to Paris. Kendall tells Bianca to go; that the company needs her there! Bianca can't believe how quickly Kendall has agreed to the move. Binx leaves to break the news to Erica. "You did it!" Kendall says, happy that Zach fell in line with her plan. Zach plays along, pretending that Kendall is the only reason he agreed to Bianca's leaving. Derek arrives. Kendall leaves to help Bianca with Erica. Derek tells Zach that he doesn't know where Alexander will go and is surprised that Zach is so calm about everything.


Erica asks Zoe to go on TV!

In her New Beginnings office, Erica and her new producer Leon wonder if they can get Zoe on the show. When Zoe arrives, Erica sends Leon away. Thinking that Erica is worried about Bianca, Zoe sits down to talk. She tells Erica that she and Bianca will only be friends and that she doesn't need to worry about Zoe breaking her heart. The news calms Erica's fears about Bianca's relationship with Zoe. "I haven't found myself," Zoe explains about the move to London, telling Erica that she is hoping that her music will show her the way once again. Erica asks if Zoe will go on New Beginnings to sing her new song! Zoe hesitates but finally agrees to go on the show. "This is very courageous," she says, promising Zoe that she has nothing to worry about. She manages to reschedule a guest and Zoe prepares to go on the show that day! Bianca arrives, unsure of the plan. Seeing that Zoe is going on with or without her support, Bianca drops the Paris bombshell, freaking Erica out. Erica tries to change Bianca's mind, but she is certain of where she wants to be. Looking at Zoe, Bianca asks for her opinion on the move. "What could be more perfect?" Zoe asks and they begin planning little trips to see one another once they move, annoying Erica. Kendall arrives, unsure about this new development.


Stuart worries what Adam will do.

In the hospital hallway, substitute nurses are arguing over what to do and who should do it. The place is pure chaos Stuart arrives with extra gowns; a nurse sees him and realizes something is wrong. Stuart confides that Adam is on a rampage and he is worried. "I don't know what my brother is going to do next," Stuart says. The nurse tries to get Stuart to do something but he refuses, saying he has to protect Jenny from Adam! Stuart flees the hospital.


Krystal thanks everyone.

In the hospital nursery, one substitute nurse realizes that Jenny is missing but another convinces her that the baby is with the family. Meanwhile in Krystal's room, Babe arrives with a baby outfit for Jenny. Colby and Tad follow, ready to take Jenny home! Krystal is overwhelmed that everyone has shown up to bring her home. JR arrives, annoyed that the fill-in nurses aren't doing a good job. He gives them the key to the penthouse and Krystal tells Colby that she needs to go to school. "Get your little butt to school," Krystal says when Colby balks at leaving. Colby gives in and leaves for class. Opal arrives, eager to meet Jenny. Opal asks Krystal if they can begin their relationship again and become friends. She gives Krystal a gift, a silver baby rattle that belonged to Jenny, Tad's sister! Both Tad and JR leave to see what is taking so long with Jenny. Touched by Opal's gift, Krystal hugs her. She shows Opal pictures of the baby. Realizing that she is late for her volunteer shift, Opal leaves. Babe can't believe how well Krystal and Opal are getting long. Both wonder what is taking Tad so long.


Tad wants Jenny back!

In the hospital hallway, JR runs into Joe and Jeff. The three begin arguing about the strike and how chaotic the hospital is. Joe and Jeff tell JR that the board is responsible, not the nurses! Tad follows JR and listens to the argument for a moment. When Jeff leaves, Tad steps in asking JR to try to fix the strike. Both men leave for the nursery. As they walk, Tad tries to convince JR to take a second look at the budget. They get to the nursery and see Jenny's empty crib! They return to the room, paging Joe but they don't go inside. "Jenny is missing," Tad tells Joe when he comes out of the room. Joe tries to reassure them that the baby was probably just taken to the wrong floor, incensing Tad. "We'll find her," Joe says, heading off to track down the baby. Joe locks down the hospital as Jamie arrives and JR fills him in. "I want answers," Tad demands as JR and Jamie try to calm him down. Tad, though, doesn't think it is a mix up at all. "This can't be happening, not again," he says. Joe returns with bad news: Jenny is nowhere to be found!

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