I Should Be Grateful.

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Colby and Celia get fitted for gowns, Angie tries to comfort Cassandra, and Pete meets Billy Clyde.

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At the Chandler mansion, Colby and Celia discuss the auction basket. Colby asks Celia how much people will bid on Pete. Celia realizes she left the place cards at her grandmother's. Colby agrees to drive her to get them.

In Celia's room, Colby wonders why she was never sent off to boarding school given her childhood as Evelyn interrupts. Colby introduces herself to Evelyn and asks Celia to go to the dress fitting for the gala with her. Evelyn warns her not to get too close to Colby.

Inside the coffee shop, Jane asks Pete if he's excited about the auction. He says he'd be more excited if Celia was going with him. Billy Clyde overhears and introduces himself as someone who knew Palmer. Billy Clyde tells Pete that he and Palmer had similar acquaintances. Pete tells him about Celia and Billy Clyde tells him that he should not let her get away. Pete realizes he's almost late for a conference call and exits. Meanwhile, Miranda says she's just in the way of AJ and Heather. Zach asks if she is still going to the gala. Miranda responds that she needs a dress. He agrees to take her shopping. Nearby, Lea spots them as Miranda briefly exits. Lea tries to make Zach understand why she couldn't look the other way with Jesse. Back inside, Zach and Miranda sit and Lea spots them again. She begins chatting her up about her hair.

David interrupts Jesse as he is packing up in his office. David says it's good he's back to help Angie and Cassandra. Jesse says the charges were dropped and David laughs. Jesse tells David that he’s not the savior he thinks he is. David says he’s lucky Angie is still with him and that he does nothing but make excuses. He blurts out that Cassandra had an abortion and Jesse storms out.

In her hospital room, a crying Cassandra tells Angie that she should have left her in the trash when she was a baby. Angie tries to calm her down. Dixie enters and tells Angie to take a break. Dixie gives Cassandra a necklace and tells her to wear it to get over the pain. In the waiting room, Jesse apologizes for not being there. Angie tells him that Cassandra thinks she hates her. Jesse tells Angie that he had to resign as a part of the deal. Jesse informs Cassandra that he loves her. Dixie tells Angie that everything will work out for the better. Angie lets Dixie know that Jesse had to give up his job and how she should be happy to have him and Cassandra back but isn’t.

Back at home, Miranda finds a note from AJ. She thanks Zach for the gown and says she can’t wait for Bianca to come home.

AMC Recap Part 1: For A Good Cause.

Pine Valley spoilers for the next All My Children:

Opal says the gala waits for no man.

Celia stares in the mirror at her gown and says it’s a disaster.

Dimitri tells Brooke they are expecting something flawless from JR.

JR yells at David to shut the hell up.

Dixie asks Dr. Anders if he’s ever been through something traumatic.

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