Major Klutz Moment.

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Miranda is harassed by Hunter at the beach, JR begins to show anger issues, and Colby makes sure Celia gets the wrong impression about her and Pete.

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Miranda and AJ break up another tickle session on his bed and head off to the beach. Downstairs, Colby knowingly interrupts as Pete and Celia are about to kiss. Again he protests the auction, but agrees if he can talk to Celia. Colby whisks her off to Talk Tempo instead. Outside, Colby makes sure Celia knows Pete isn’t into monogamy. Colby wants to make a pact that neither of them go after Pete at the auction.

JR meets Brooke at Talk Tempo. He wants to do a sizzle reel of all her best moments for the party. She likes it and puts him to work. Later, Dimitri is skeptical but Brooke wants JR to succeed for Adam’s sake. Meanwhile, JR gets gruff with an intern and rips the phone out of the wall. Dimitri suggests JR work from home. He agrees. Later, Brooke loves the bachelor idea. When Colby rushes off to handle a catering crisis, Brooke tells Celia she thinks Pete is only into Celia. It takes a special woman to make a man change, and Celia is very special.

AJ’s eyes practically pop out when Miranda gets down to her bikini at the beach. She asks him to lotion her up and after some horsing around she is on top of him, but quickly jumps off and looks sad when Heather and some friends join them. Later, Heather and AJ go off to get ice cream. Hunter and his buddy harass the other girls for hanging out with Miranda. They leave and Hunter grabs at Miranda's top. She runs off. Meanwhile, AJ invites Heather to the Tempo party as his date.

Billy Clyde gets his portrait taken at the manor by Palmer’s photographer and insists on quality.

JR injects himself at the mansion.

In the square, JR gets frustrated and smashes his computer. Dixie walks up and hopes he doesn’t put too much pressure on himself. He snaps. He is going to prove everyone wrong.

At Jane’s Addiction Colby tells Pete that Celia must have jumped to her conclusion they were together because they slept together. Pete wonders how Celia found out about that. Colby plays dumb and asks for some benefits but he tells her no. Jane drops the check and he leaves. Later, David offers Colby an opportunity to stick it to Pete - and a few Chandlers. She’s in. Outside, Celia imagines kissing Pete and has an intense vision of the mystery man, his shoe, a chair, and blood on a carpet. She screams.

Back at Tempo, Dixie thanks Brooke for giving JR a chance. But she is worried because he is counting on it to cement his place at Chandler. Brooke tells her it is all up to JR.

AMC Recap Part 2: Evil On A Stick.

Pine Valley spoilers for the next All My Children:

Colby records David in bed.

Opal is ecstatic about her new reality TV gig.

Billy Clyde wants to redeem himself.

Colby and Cassandra hug.

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