So Broken.

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Miranda misses her mom, Angie feels desperate, and Jesse is arrested.

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Bianca thumbs trough Miranda’s baby book at Kendall’s.

At the hospital Cassandra tells Angie she doesn’t want the baby. She considers it a disease and hits herself as Dixie rushes in to calm her down. Cassandra tells Dixie the baby reminds her of the men who degraded her. She would hate the baby and hate herself for it.

In the hallway, Jesse leaves a desperate call for Tad as Joe approaches. He offers an ear for Jesse and they step inside a room. Jesse tells Joe everything. Joe understands he did everything to save his daughter but now urges him to make it right. As long as Uri is out there his family will always be in danger. Jesse decides to tell Angie, then the cops.

Angie visits a therapist, Dr. Peterson. Angie wants her daughter to get past this dark place. He assures her it will take time and understanding. Angie has to hold on to hope that even in the worst situations something good comes out. Cassandra was always so sure and stubborn and now she is broken. They degraded her in every way and the pregnancy is just too cruel. But, she doesn’t want Cassandra to regret not having the baby. Dr. Peterson wants Angie to share with Cassandra that she is torn. Angie fears alienating her and cries for her daughter.

Lea and Zach meet for coffee in the square. They agree there is something between them and neither one wants to mess it up. Later, Miranda meets Zach while Lea steps away and he gives her the good news that his charges were dropped. She gives him a picture she drew of Spike and Ian. She leaves with AJ, promising dinner soon. Lea returns and asks how he is related to Miranda. He tells her it’s complicated.

AJ and Miranda set up a picnic in the mansion. He can tell she misses her mom. Miranda misses the time she had with her mom before Gabi came along. Her dad was just a donor from a sperm bank so it was just the two of them. AJ runs to get some of Carmen’s fro-yo and she cheers up when Bianca calls. Later, she and AJ happily eat their dessert.

At the station an officer hands Lea and Zach Uri’s dental records, found on a flash drive in a locked drawer. Zach is surprised Lea has been investigating Jesse but she had a gut feeling. Jesse has been Uri’s inside man the whole time. She didn’t tell Zach because he is too close but he feels betrayed by her.

Jesse finds Angie outside Cassandra’s room but is arrested before he can tell her anything. He apologizes to a hysterical Angie.

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Pine Valley spoilers for the next All My Children:

Dimitri has plans for Brooke.

Colby has plans to raise money for the Miranda Center.

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