Lurking For Any Opportunity.

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Jess calls Uri, Lea puts on the brakes with Zach, and AJ gets jealous.

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Zach and Lea get dressed in the station but Jesse arrives before they can talk about why they stopped before having sex. Lea tells Jesse that the body was Uri’s brother Vlad and they used his computer to get the dental records. Lea wants to run a trace on the email Jesse originally got because it was not from the dentist in Moscow. Jesse leaves them to whatever they were doing.

Angie is upset with Jesse for never being at the hospital. David chimes in and Jesse thinks it’s inappropriate for David to be comforting his wife. Angie insists David is a friend and walks out. Later, Jesse calls Uri and tells him the feds know. Uri demands Jesse fix it or his family is at risk. Jesse assigns a guard to Cassandra’s room and tells Angie that Uri is still alive.

JR surprises Cara with her son Oliver and mother at the mansion. He has arranged it so her mother will be the new cook. David doesn’t have to know anything. Cara doesn’t know how to thank JR. She is nervous people will recognize her mom from her wedding to Tad five years ago but he is sure no one will remember. JR admits he has done this because he doesn’t want Cara to leave. They embrace. Upstairs Miranda sings and plays guitar in AJ’s room when Brooke arrives, impressed with her skill. Miranda tells her AJ is on a date.

Bianca calls Miranda from out of town and tells her she may not be easy to reach. She hangs up and makes Kendall take a pill. Bianca thinks being away keeps the kids from bullying Miranda and will stay until they find out if Kendall’s heart is rejecting the medicine. She urges Kendall to tell Zach but Kendall refuses.

AJ returns home and he and Miranda find JR playing with Oliver. AJ seems jealous and goes to bed. Miranda points out to JR that his bond with Oliver is hurtful to AJ. JR goes to AJ’s room and apologizes. He knows he was a bad dad but wants to try. AJ thanks JR for talking to Hunter’s dad and agrees to some cookies. JR then gifts AJ front row Rolling Stones tickets for the two of them. AJ is ecstatic. Later, AJ thanks Miranda for talking to his dad. She suggests he bring a shirt back for another Stones fan and he assumes she is talking about Heather and rushes to call her. Miranda is sad.

In their hotel room Zach pressures Lea to tell him what made her put the brakes on earlier. She doesn’t think he is ready to move on from Kendall. If he was, he would take off his ring.

AMC Recap Part 1: So Hot, So Fast.

Pine Valley spoilers for the next All My Children:

Cassandra hits herself, screaming.

Angie is devastated for her daughter.

Bianca calls Miranda.

Zach realizes Lea has been investigating Jesse and feels betrayed.

Joe urges Jesse to make things right.

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