So Hot, So Fast.

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Dixie counsels Cassandra, Lea and Zach kiss, and Brooke and Dimitri have lunch.

So Hot, So Fast. image

At Talk Tempo, Brooke and Dimitri are happy with the numbers from David’s interview but Brooke doesn’t want to coast. Colby suggests a launch party and Brooke agrees. Colby will organize it only if Celia helps. Later, Dimitri forces Brooke to take a break.

Pete meets AJ in the square about a new sports app he is working on. AJ suggests adding girl sports and Pete is impressed.

Heather and Miranda arrive at Jane’s Addiction after shopping. Miranda spots Zach and he invites her to New York with him and Bianca to see her favorite artist but she doubts her mom can come. Miranda is glad he isn’t in trouble anymore and he introduces her to Lea. Later, AJ, Celia, Heather and Pete talk about the new sports app. Miranda and AJ get into a tickle match that makes Heather uncomfortable. When AJ invites Heather out, Miranda gets quiet. Before Pete leaves Heather lets him know he broke her friend’s heart.

Outside Miranda bows out while Heather and AJ go to the movies. AJ hopes Miranda didn’t get the wrong idea that they are going on a date. Heather seems disappointed.

At the hospital David comforts Angie. He wants her to prepare herself for the possibility that Cassandra has an abortion. Part of Angie feels she should fight for the baby but the damage from the heroin could have already been done. He trusts whatever she does will be from love. They hug as Jesse looks on. Inside, Dixie tells Cassandra she has family, friends and options.

Colby and Celia make party plans at Chandler mansion. Colby can see why things didn’t work out between Celia and Pete, and Celia concedes that Colby is a better match for him. Colby agrees they got hot, fast, and pretends to hope this talk isn’t bothering Celia.

At lunch, Dimitri steers talk away from work and toasts to Brooke. He feels like he is meeting her all over again. She agrees they make a great team and appreciates his distraction from work. Later, Colby and Celia show up to book the place for the party and Colby lies that the event is for charity.

At the station Zach and Lea get the dental records and realize Vlad is dead, not Uri. The charges against Zach are dropped. He grabs Lea and kisses her.

Back at Jane’s Addiction Celia suggests adding a charity component to the gala. Colby loves it.

Back at the mansion Adam cuts his call with Brooke short. Colby senses trouble in paradise and tells Brooke she had an idea to make the launch party a charity event. Brooke loves it for the Miranda Center. She is impressed with Colby.

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