Reminders Of My Dark Past.

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Angie tells Cassandra something difficult, David tells his story, and Cara worries about her pull to JR.

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Cassandra has nightmares in the hospital and wakes as Jesse holds her. Later, Anders forcefully instructs her to walk around. Outside, Dixie asks Anders to work on his insensitive bedside manner.

In the square, Zach and Lea wonder if Uri killed Vladimir. Zach wants to talk to Jesse about the dental records.

JR falls on Cara during his yoga session at Chandler Mansion and Dixie walks in as they are rolling around. She reminds JR that David’s interview is about to start. Later, Cara worries she is making the same mistake with JR she did with David. He is her patient and she can’t cross that line. He understands.

On set Brooke introduces David, his shady past and his new medical device. He shares that he wants to start over, despite his past unauthorized experiments. This is his home and the scene of many of his medical triumphs. His partnership with Cortlandt Electronics will revitalize a weak economy. Dimitri, Colby, Pete and Celia watch from the sidelines. Colby moves Pete away from Celia. Meanwhile, Brooke reminds David that his fingerprints were on the gun that shot Marissa too but he chalks that up to the struggle he had with JR. He wonders what Brooke would do if someone killed her child in front of her? He wishes JR had suffered the same fate as his daughter. After, David asks Colby out for breakfast but she has eyes for Pete. Meanwhile Pete tells Celia he has no one to share his success with. Colby asks him out for breakfast and Celia walks off.

Zach and Lea lay out their theory to Jesse at the hospital and he offers to check the dental records, alone. Later, Joe urges Jesse to forget about everything else but his family.

David runs into Cara at Jane’s Addiction. She thought she saw some of the old kind and caring David during the interview. He promises he is still that man and apologizes for lashing out at her. But she crushed his dream of having their baby. Through tears she apologizes. David sees JR outside and accuses him of downplaying his recovery to keep Cara close. He knows JR will do anything to get what he wants. JR warns him to stay away if that’s what he thinks.

At the station Lea and Zach look for dental records without Jesse and call the contact they find.

Angie joins Cassandra in her room and tells her she’s pregnant. She holds Cassandra as she cries.

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Pine Valley spoilers for the next All My Children:

Colby baits Celia.

Zach and Lea find a missing piece to the puzzle.

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