Just Hang In There.

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Colby gets mad at Brooke, AJ and Hunter fight, and Billy Clyde saves the day.

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David and Colby stretch out in bed. He had a great time but she hastily leaves.

At the station Jesse works on clearing Zach from Uri’s murder. Lea arrives and they both push Jesse to go be with his family. Later Lea and Zach look at a picture of Uri and wonder if the man with him is a relative.

In detention, Hunter shares another fake photo of Miranda and Heather, and when the teacher steps out Hunter draws female stick figures in a compromising position. Miranda runs off.

At Jane’s Addiction Heather reluctantly tells AJ about Hunter’s photoshopped picture. He dashes off.

At the hospital Jesse tries to comfort Angie. She tells him about the porno but Jesse already knew. He wants to destroy it but she knows they can’t erase the fact they took away Cassandra’s innocence. Later, Dr. Anders stabilizes Cassandra from a seizure. Angie is unhappy with his cavalier attitude. Anders wants to wait for Cassandra’s labs before changing treatment and tells Dixie that Angie is hysterical. Angie threatens to have him brought before the review board. Outside, Dixie knows Anders is rough but one of the best. She promises Angie the damage to Cassandra’s body will heal and they will all work together to heal the rest. Later, Dixie doesn’t want David around. She knows he has an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Angie finds Cassandra burning up on the floor.

AJ finds Miranda in his room and wonders why she didn’t tell him about the picture. She didn’t want him to know because he could get kicked off the team if he hit Hunter. She means more to him than the team. She goes to the bathroom and he finds the picture on her phone. Furious, he storms off. She returns and runs after him.

AJ meets Hunter outside school ready to fight one on one. Instead, Hunter’s friends hold AJ up while Hunter beats him. Billy Clyde intervenes and pulls a knife from his cane, spouting bible verses. AJ thanks him as Miranda runs up. Billy Clyde realizes AJ has ties to Dixie.

At Tempo Talk Dimitri and Brooke discuss David as Colby arrives. Brooke informs her that Dimitri is the new publisher and Colby is aghast that Eurotrash is running a Chandler project. He laughs and offers Colby a position as his assistant. She could learn a little respect. "That is so a hell no, " she screams.

Dimitri and Brooke laugh about Colby in the square. Brooke got her to agree to try some low-level production work. But Colby has a mind of her own.

Back at the hospital Anders and Dixie get Cassandra’s labs. She has no STDs but he and Dixie are shocked by something.

Next week's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Jesse crosses the line with Uri.

Cassandra gets devastating news from Angie.

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- Hollie Deese

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