Ava and Lily Meet!

Friday, April 13th, 2007

Aidan tells Jack about Ava; Erica causes Lily to find Ava. Bianca and Zoe sort out their feelings.

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Ava is making herself comfortable!

At the Valley Inn, Ava is enjoying her newfound wealth. Erica walks by and sees her, thinking she is Lily! Erica thinks "Lily" has moved into the hotel because of Barbara, but when a waiter arrives, calling her Mrs. Lavery, Erica becomes more worried. "You stay here," she says, "I'll take care of it," believing that Lily has gone back to using the Lavery name to stay away from Barbara! The concierge arrives, with a laptop and asking for her credit card. She says she'll find it and bring the card to the front desk right away. Ava begins searching the Internet for information about Lily.


Lily is shocked to see her look-a-like!

Jack helps Barbara move into the Valley Inn, telling her that as long as Lily is at his home, she won't be! Barbara tries to change his mind, but Jack isn't having it and leaves her alone in the lobby! Barbara and Erica run into one another in the hall, and Barbara makes like the Valley Inn move was her idea. Meanwhile in the lobby, Sean accompanies Lily to a convention. She asks for his help in deciphering what Aidan is up to. Erica sees them, confused because she just saw "Lily" upstairs and now she is fully dressed in the lobby! Lily is confused and asks Erica what is going on. Erica tells them about Barbara's hotel room and tells Lily she can check out - and go back home! "Do you know what she's talking about?" Lily asks when Erica leaves. Barbara arrives and asks Lily to give she and Sean space. Lily heads off, with a mystery to solve. They sit down and Barbara tries to enlist Sean's help with Jack. "Been there, done that, got the t-shirt," he says, unwilling to help her. Barbara tells Sean that the real reason she is in Pine Valley is to repair her relationship with him, but he doesn't buy her explanation. Sean throws Molly and the circumstances of his birth in her face, telling Barbara that she has never really cared for him. In the hall, Lily begins going over the clues and puts things together. The concierge sees Lily, believing she is Ava, and asks for a credit card. Lily hands over one of her cards and asks for another room key! She heads upstairs and she and Ava come face to face for the first time!


Jack wants to find Ava!

At Wildwind, Di tells Jonathan that Ava needs help, not money to get out of town! Jonathan points out that Ava steals from men and even tried to steal Di's jewelry, but Di isn't interested in looking at Ava's darker points. "She has a right to meet her sister just like I did," Di explains, telling him that Dixie helped her turn her life around. Jonathan comes back with stories of his own family. Aidan comes in, telling them that Ava didn't get on the plane. They have no idea where she has gone! Jack arrives and Aidan and Jonathan fill him in on Ava and her past. Jack is shocked, but wants Aidan's opinion on the girl. "Maybe it would be a good thing. Maybe it would be a disaster," Aidan says about their possibly meeting. He asks Jack what he wants for Lily. Jonathan speaks up, telling Jack to keep Ava away from Lily; Di tells him to let them meet. Jack isn't sure what to do for a while, but after talking over Lily's past he decides that meeting Ava might be exactly what Lily needs! When Di and Jonathan begin fighting, Aidan asks them to give he and Jack a few minutes. Alone, Jack tells Aidan to find Ava, but not introduce her to Lily until he's had the chance to meet with her. Erica arrives, stunning both men with the news that "Lily" has moved into the Valley Inn! Jack thinks Erica is just blowing smoke but when Derek calls, thoughts of Lily and Ava hit the back burner. There is a problem in Alexander's murder case!


Zach tries to make Kendall see Zoe

At their home, Zach and Kendall argue over Zoe and Bianca. They talk to each other through Spike, neither giving in to the others demands. "Why don't you tell your mom to mind her own business?" Zach asks. "Why don't you tell your dad to stop using you to get to me?" Kendall replies. Zach teases her into smiling, but when she keeps up the fighting, Zach leaves the room. A second later, he screams out in pain. Kendall runs to him, only to find him scared by a spider! Finally over the argument, Zach tells Kendall to have faith in her sister's choices. "It's Zoe I'm worried about," she says, causing Zach to tell her about meeting Zoe at the cemetery near Ethan's grave. Kendall is surprised by the revelation and begins to see Zoe in a different light. She still isn't sure about Bianca getting involved with Zoe, though. A phone call interrupts them and Zach becomes very angry. "He might actually get away with murder," he rages as Kendall tries to figure out what is going on!


Babe tells Zoe to take a chance!

At Fusion, Babe tells Zoe the baby news. "Help me, Babe," Zoe says, asking her to stand by her decision to stay romantically apart from Bianca. Babe wonders why she is pushing Bianca away when she is obviously willing to go along for the ride. Telling her that Bianca has a big heart that can handle anything, Babe encourages Zoe , saying, "Bianca wants a chance with you, give her that chance." Zoe is worried that Bianca will only ever see her male body, and in fact isn't sure she will ever have a fully-female body. "There are so many risks from surgery. So many complications," Zoe says, really unsure about whether or not she wants to go through with everything. She changes the subject, telling Babe that she is leaving town for London. "Don't be a coward," Babe says! She pesters Zoe into telling her what is really behind her wish to leave town. Fear, Zoe tells her! Seeing that she won't change Zoe's mind, Babe leaves her to consider her actions alone. Zoe picks up her bag and leaves the office.


Josh warns Bianca away from Zoe!

At Josh's apartment, Bianca asks for his help in getting Zoe to remain open to a relationship with her! Josh tells her it may be too late because Zoe is planning to leave Pine Valley! He tells her that Zoe is leaving for London to finish an album, shocking Bianca. "When is she leaving?" Bianca asks, thinking she pushed Zoe into leaving town before she is really ready. Josh tries to convince Bianca to give Zoe her space. Talking about the therapy and hormone treatments, Josh tells her that Zoe will need a lot of support; maybe more than she can give! Bianca doesn't want to listen to the negatives, though, and tries to convince Josh that she could be good for the other woman. "What's wrong with giving her some understanding?" she asks, telling Josh that she only wants a casual relationship. When Bianca compares she and Zoe and Josh and Babe, he becomes angry, telling her there is nothing similar in the two situations! He leaves. Zoe arrives, surprised to see Bianca there. She tells Zoe about her talk with Josh and Zoe tells her that Babe said just the opposite. "So what do we do?" Bianca asks.

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