Ready To Play.

Monday, June 24th, 2013

David and Colby toast, Joe pays Billy Clyde a visit, and Pete learns about the sale.

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In the hospital Cassandra insists she spoke to Jesse but he denies it. Angie stays with Cassandra while Lea questions Jesse with Zach outside. Dixie is sure Cassandra is hallucinating from withdrawal. Lea thinks whoever dumped Cassandra was making a statement.

Dixie meets Joe in the on-call room and tells him that Billy Clyde is back. Seeing him brought back memories of her kidnapping. Joe wishes Tad were here. There is no way to reach him so Joe is going to tell Billy Clyde to back off himself.

In the square with Zach Lea is haunted by Cassandra’s insistence she spoke to Jesse. Her gut wants answers.

Back in Cassandra’s room Dixie tells Angie that Cassandra will come back with all of their help. Jesse returns as Cassandra struggles with her memories of what they made her do.

Colby tracks Pete down at Jane’s Addiction with dinner plans. He had fun but doesn’t want a relationship. He offers a friends with benefits scenario instead and she agrees. Meanwhile, Jane leaves an urgent message for someone. David arrives and a jittery Jane is ready with his regular order. Pete dismisses Colby and alone David asks Pete about their status. Pete insists he is nothing more than a boy toy to Colby. David can tell she’s ready to play. They get to work prepping for Brooke’s questions – Pete knows she is going to be tough. David insists he’s prepared for anything. Pete asks him to explain his jail stint. David considers is a sacrifice he made for someone he loves.

David joins Colby at a bar and she offers him a glass of Cristal Champagne considering he paid for it. He hopes the $30,000 helped and they toast to trouble.

Pete finds Opal packing up Cortlandt Manor. She tells him about the sale and that they are now neighbors. He doesn’t like that she sold their family home and wonders how she got the idea. She tells him about the cash offer and shows him the contract. He is impressed but hopes she doesn’t regret it. He asks who bought it but she doesn’t know.

In his hotel room Billy Clyde sells the business to one of his girls. She hopes his life turns out how he wants. He’s counting on it. There is a knock and she welcomes their first customer – a very nervous Joe. He wants to talk to the man in charge and Billy Clyde invites him in.

David and Colby make out in his room. He knows she is doing this to stick it to Pete and she knows he is doing it to stick it to her family but neither cares. He throws her on the bed.

Wednesday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

AJ asks Miranda about the picture Hunter sent.

AJ and Hunter fight.

Dimitri thinks Colby could learn a little respect.

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