Living In High Cotton.

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Jesse thanks David, Billy Clyde makes a deal, and Celia nabs an internship.

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Dr. Anders and Dixie discuss Cassandra’s withdrawal therapy with Angie and Jesse. Dr. Anders suggests Dixie not be her counselor. Dixie objects, and Angie agrees with Dixie. David arrives to see Cassandra and Jesse thanks him for saving her life. David joins a grateful Angie by her bed. Later, Dixie confronts Dr. Anders about his opinion of her. She hopes working together won’t be a problem. He’s looking forward to it. Outside Jesse calls Uri. He wants to go to the Feds. Uri thinks he should consider his career and kids. Natalia and Randi could make him a fortune.

Lea looks over Jesse’s house, sure someone dropped Cassandra off. But why? Zach thinks it has to be someone who had something to gain by getting rid of her.

Back at the hospital Cassandra tells Dixie and Angie it started with pills, then they injected her. Jesse arrives, then Lea and Zach just as Cassandra tells everyone that when she heard Jesse’s voice she knew everything would be okay.

A realtor, Gretchen, arrives at Cortlandt Manor with a generous offer for Opal from a client. Opal isn’t interested.

Brooke offers up Celia to new executive producer Dimitri at Talk Tempo as an intern. Celia is ecstatic, pending her guardian’s approval. Pete arrives to monitor David’s interview. Dimitri assures him Brooke only seeks the truth. Celia runs into Opal who tells her Pete is moving out for privacy to entertain. Later, Opal is overjoyed to see Dimitri. She tells him that Erika is off somewhere fabulous and not sure when she’ll return. Opal invites him over for dinner with Alex, but he is alone now. Later, Celia asks Pete about his move. He is surprised she cares. Later, Opal suggests he prove Celia wrong and stay home. He won’t. Alone, Opal calls someone and tells them she has changed her mind.

At home, JR quickly hides steroids in his bag as Cara comes in. She gets a text from her mom, a picture of her son Oliver on the beach and she shows JR. She asks JR to take a walk and he agrees, leaving his bag behind.

JR and Cara talk about her missing time with her son in the town square. She pops in a shop and JR calls someone for a favor. Later, Celia meets Evelyn and tells her about the internship at Talk Tempo. Evelyn thinks it is just what she needs and will convince her guardian.

Back at the mansion Cara hopes JR can meet her son one day. He hands her passes to a park to see her son and access to his private jet. She is touched and hugs him.

Billy Clyde pays hundreds of thousands over market price for Cortlandt Manor.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Pete is upset that Opal sold the house.

Lea questions Jesse about Cassandra’s assertion that they spoke.

Colby and David toast to trouble.

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