Mind-Blowing, Overwhelming, Staggering.

Monday, June 17th, 2013

David finds Cassandra, Celia is haunted by the mystery man, and Colby has fun with Opal.

Mind-Blowing, Overwhelming, Staggering. image

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At Bramwell, Celia dreams of kissing Pete until the mystery man scares her awake. She tells Heather it began when she started seeing Pete.

At home AJ tells JR he needs to give the steroids back. JR presses to know to who wants them and AJ tells him it’s Kyle before leaving. Soon, a guy arrives looking for Colby.

Pete and Colby enjoy the afterglow before they go at it again. Opal walks in, shocked, and she and Colby spar a bit. Later, Opal catches Colby sneaking out and accuses her of being a gold digger. Colby takes a call from AJ who tells her Randy is there and she rushes home. Later, Pete tells Opal that Colby is nothing serious, and neither is Celia, but he is moving out. Opal warns Pete about Celia’s dark aura.

Colby gives Randy cash at the mansion and he reprimands her for her boy toy stealing his stash. Later, AJ is concerned about Colby but she warns him to stay away until he can stand up to Brooke.

Billy Clyde dupes Palmer’s old tailor to meet him at his place for some new duds. Billy Clyde wants the same fine suits Palmer wore. He digs for info on Palmer’s favorite food and drink but the tailor won’t spill. He gives Billy Clyde a sizable bill and he doesn’t hesitate to pay – and orders six more.

David finds Cassandra on Angie’s floor. He calls 911 for a possible heroin overdose.

Angie searches the station for Jesse. Together they hear the call come through about the overdose at their home.

David performs CPR on Cassandra at the Hubbard’s. The paramedics arrive and find a pulse. Angie and Jesse rush in and David urges the paramedics not to lose her.

Lea busts into Zach’s hotel room with her gun drawn, suspicious he was trying to sneak out. They have breakfast together and she asks about his ex-wife. He tells her that Kendall thought he put his family in danger. She asks if he still loves her but he turns the tables on her and asks if she has ever been in love. She shuts him down and she gets the call about Cassandra.

AJ and Heather bond over The Velvet Underground at Jane’s Addiction. AJ invites Heather to come by the house later to listen to music before he leaves with Miranda. Outside, Miranda tells AJ that Heather is into her, and he is surprised. He hadn’t thought about her like that before and thanks Miranda – she always has his back.

Cassandra is treated by Dr. Anders at the hospital. Later, Cassandra grabs Angie and tells her that they hurt her. Angie promises they will never hurt her again.

Wednesday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

A realtor tells Opal she has a client interested in Cortlandt Manor.

Celia hears Pete is moving out.

Zach encourages Lea to look elsewhere for Uri’s killer.

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