The Who And Jalepenos.

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Heather likes AJ, David is generous with Colby, and Zach is tied to a crime.

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At the station, Jesse hands over a Russian medallion found on the dead body. Lea cautions them not to assume Uri is dead. The dental labs come back and confirm the body is Uri – and that prints on the weapon were a match for Zach.

JR finds AJ and David chatting at Jane’s Addiction and admits his mistakes in regards to Babe. David isn’t buying JR’s sensitivity one bit but AJ tells David to back off. JR just hopes to be able to convince people he has changed, especially Brooke. She’s doing big things at Chandler Media and he wants to be a part of it. JR accidentally trips Jane with his cane. AJ is concerned but JR assures him he is fine. Later, JR warns David he can’t get to him through AJ. Meanwhile, Colby answers Pete’s phone when Celia calls and pretends they are fooling around. David joins their table but soon Pete heads back to the office. David warns Colby that Pete isn’t interested. They split champagne and when her card is declined David covers the bill. Then, he gives her a check for $30,000. She wonders what the catch is and he wonders if she really cares.

Billy Clyde is excited to see Dixie in the town square. She slaps him and threatens to call the cops. He looks smitten as she stomps off. Later, Zach and Lea wait for his source as he tries to convince her he didn’t kill Uri.

Back at the station Jesse calls Uri, who tells him that Cassandra can come home as soon as Zach is arrested. Angie joins Jesse and begs for an update just as Dixie arrives asking that Billy Clyde be arrested. He tells them he has important work to do and leaves.

Celia drops off the shopping bags from New York outside Opal’s place. Opal invites Celia in for tea. Celia tells her how much she liked Pete and can’t imagine dating anyone again. They hug and it appears as though a dark feeling comes over Opal. When Pete comes home he is upset by the bags.

At the Chandler mansion, AJ and Heather hit it off while Miranda plays video games with the mean girls from her school. Later, Heather and Miranda get texts of a photoshopped picture of the two of them together courtesy of Hunter. Miranda urges Heather not to show anyone. Later, Heather admits to Miranda she likes AJ. As Brooke is cleaning later she is shocked by someone at the door.

Back at his place Billy Clyde finds a mega-winning lotto ticket and thanks Jesus for making him rich.

Jesse arrests Zach in the square.

Wednesday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Pete is surprised by Colby in his bed.

Cara warns JR about steroids. Later, he injects something into his body.

Jesse calls Uri to tell him Zach was arrested.

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- Hollie Deese

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