Dweeb To Hot.

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Colby returns to Pine Valley, Celia questions her sanity, and Jesse has a dangerous decision to make.

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At home Angie laments Cassie’s absence. Jesse promises to do whatever it takes to bring her back. Later, Angie prays to God to give Cassie the strength to get through the hell she is in.

Colby runs into Pete at Jane’s Addiction, pleasantly surprised at how hot and successful he has become. Later, Pete’s lawyer tells him distancing himself from David could be a PR nightmare. Pete decides to use this to his advantage and has him draw up a contract that gives them control. He runs into David and tells him a partnership will be on his terms. David tells him to lighten up – they are about to make a lot of money. Pete doesn’t trust him, and David is fine not being besties. They just need to make Cortlandt Electronics a success.

At the Chandler mansion Brooke urges her assistant to find the perfect passionate and stylish candidate to run "Teen Tempo" – immediately. JR enters and Brooke hopes he is not pushing himself too hard with his workouts. Later JR apologizes to AJ for being upset about the steroids. AJ understands he is just trying to be a good dad but quickly leaves. JR throws the steroids in the trash. Later, Colby saunters in and gets a warm reception from Brooke, AJ and JR. Later, Colby asks Brooke to give her $20,000. Instead, Brooke offers her the editorship at "Teen Tempo" but Colby doesn’t want to work. She’ll just call daddy. Plus, she ran into Pete and he is hot and loaded. Brooke delights in telling her he is taken. After Adam and JR both refuse her money she urges JR to embrace his inner jerk and take Chandler back from Brooke.

Celia researches causes of hallucinations in her room as Evelyn rushes in to express how worried she was. Celia asks her if her parents were crazy. She is worried something is wrong with her and Evelyn immediately thinks Pete is the cause. Celia isn’t ready for the kind of relationship he’s interested in.

Celia and Pete run into each other outside Jane’s Addiction. He loves her but she thinks it is too much too soon. Colby interrupts and Celia runs off. Inside, AJ has coffee with David. David hopes JR has changed for AJ’s sake and promises to be there for him because that is what Babe and Marissa would have wanted.

Jesse meets Uri in an alley. He has 30 minutes to meet his demands or Cassie dies. He hands Jesse a flash drive with dental records to ID a body – Uri’s - so everyone thinks he is gone. When the job is done he gets Cassie.

At the station Jesse gets a call about a partially burned body. When he gets to the scene he learns the murder weapon has already been rushed to the lab for prints.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

David and AJ hug.

JR warns David he will not get back at him through his son.

Zach’s prints are on the murder weapon.

Colby tells Pete she always gets what she wants.

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