Major Damage Control.

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Jesse gets closer, Joe comforts Angie, and Brooke lands an exclusive interview.

Major Damage Control. image

Cassandra is tied up on the floor of a warehouse and Uri tells her it is time she really earned her keep.

In the hospital Angie tries to get more information from the girl who was found in the dumpster. Later, Joe finds Angie and she breaks down. He tells her she will get through this with the help of her family but she is worried they will never find Cassandra.

The girls in the hotel room tell Jesse and Zach that Cassandra is gone. Jesse mobilizes the men and finds Billy Clyde outside. He wonders if Billy Clyde tipped off the Koslov’s, but he denies it. Zach deals with Billy Clyde while Jesse goes back in the room where Lea tries to get the girls to talk. Jesse pleads with them and one of them tells him that they took her away when they realized her dad was a cop.

Lea questions Billy Clyde at the station about his connection with the Koslov’s. He admits he was checking out the competition, but while the Koslov’s peddle flesh, he merely provides horizontal refreshment to lost souls. He has nothing to do with trafficking young women. Billy Clyde notes the chemistry between Zach and Lea and wishes them well before leaving. Later, Angie arrives and demands information from one of the officers.

Back at the hotel Jesse finds a note from Cassie scratched in the wall. His phone rings and it is Uri. He puts Cassie on so Jesse can hear her desperation. Uri demands Jesse change his investigation or Cassandra will die. Angie runs in hysterical and Jesse shows her the note on the wall. He tells Uri he will do whatever he wants.

David visits Brooke at the Chandler mansion. She wants an exclusive interview for her new internet program, "Talk Tempo." He agrees and they shake on it. JR enters and David wonders how long he thinks he can keep up his amnesia act. JR insists he doesn’t remember what happened. All he can do now is be the best man he can be. After David leaves Brooke tells JR about her exclusive interview. JR likes the idea and even has some ideas for scripts he wants to go over with her. She thinks it is better if he rest.

Pete does damage control in his hotel room after David’s press conference while Celia tries to recover from her earlier shock but she sees a vision of the man again. Pete calls David, but he blows him off.

Pete finds David at Jane’s Addiction and accuses him of trying to strong-arm him, but David thinks their partnership will be a win-win. Meanwhile, Celia is startled by Jane and runs home.

Wednesday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Evelyn warns Celia that Pete is a player.

Colby's back in Pine Valley.

Uri warns Jesse that if he doesn’t return in 30 minutes Cassie will be given back in pieces.

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