Wrong Guy.

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

JR has a word with AJ, Brooke thinks Cara's being manipulated, and Miranda makes a new friend.


David visits the Cortlandt's looking for Pete. Opal makes him leave but is later surprised to find David back in her house. David reminds her of the good he's done and wants to help keep her son's company alive.

Miranda and AJ arrive at Jane's. Miranda's friends blow her off so she sits with someone else while AJ gets coffee. AJ bumps into his teammate and apologizes for his father finding the drugs. He joins Miranda and her new friend Heather. Hunter makes an inappropriate joke aimed at Heather about Bramwell girls being lesbians and suggests maybe Miranda is that way. Miranda stops AJ from hitting Hunter. Meanwhile Billy Clyde interrupts a customer. Outside he threatens to send photos to the man's wife if he doesn't tell Billy where he's taking his business. The man gives him a business card. Later David has a TV crew setting up for a press conference.

Cara retrieves her phone at the Chandler's as JR hides AJ's drugs. He wonders if everyone would be better off if he remained in the coma. JR hopes AJ won't turn out like him. He's certain he doesn't have a chance that anyone will believe in him. Brooke walks in and sees JR holding a bottle of scotch while making his point to Cara. Her reaction makes him realize how AJ feels. Upstairs JR apologizes for accusing AJ of using. Alone, Cara admits to Brooke that maybe JR's right about no one believing in him. Brooke cautions Cara about JR's manipulations. As Cara is leaving Brooke interrupts her and JR with David's press conference feed on her laptop.

In New York, Pete and Celia make plans. She asks Pete what he would rather be doing if she were someone else, insinuating it'd be a romantic evening in. She admits falling in love and they kiss. She pulls away when she has another vision of the man she saw in her dreams. Pete's distracted when he hears the TV news about his merger with David. Celia's upset nearby as Pete rants that David's messing with the wrong guy. He gets legal on the phone to file an injunction.

In an alley, Billy Clyde hands the card he was given to a man who blindfolds him.

Jesse arrives at Lea's office and overhears Zach telling her not to involve Jesse. Jesse is sickened when he realizes Cassandra's in a porn. They find a clue from a take-out menu in the video. Jesse gets confirmation about an abandoned building in the area.

Jesse asks Billy Clyde what he's doing outside a room when he arrives at the building with Zach and Lea. Lea takes him away in cuffs. Girls scream as Zach and Jesse enter the room.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

David asks JR how his memory is coming along.

Jesse thinks Billy Clyde tipped off the Koslov's.

Cassandra's bound and gagged on the floor somewhere.

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