How Convenient.

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Billy Clyde Tuggle is recognized in Center City, JR comes home, and AJ and Miranda kiss.

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At the hospital, JR wants Cara to know he knows her baby's alive. Cara's worried there's no way to know what David would do if he knew. David wakes Angie up at Amy's bedside and takes her home for rest and food.

At Angie's, David comforts her while she cries for her baby.

At the Chandler's, AJ leaves Miranda alone with Bianca. Bianca argues she doesn't want Miranda around JR, and refuses to forgive or forget that he killed Marissa. She slaps JR when he arrives with Brooke and Dixie. AJ comes downstairs as Bianca unleashes her furry and hate on JR. JR lets her and apologizes for what happened even if he can't remember that night. He realizes he must have been a first rate bastard, but he's changed. Bianca finds that convenient. Miranda refuses to leave with Bianca. JR tries to make small talk, but AJ and Miranda go upstairs. Cara visits later to discuss helping with PT. He thinks she's there about David. Cara's hoping her and JR can be there for each other if needed. Upstairs Miranda apologizes for her mom and plays AJ a song. Their hug turns into a first kiss. Miranda quickly leaves.

In New York, Pete and Celia settle in at a hotel. Celia gets uncomfortable staring at the king size bed. He tells her it's all hers; he'll sleep in a chair. Her suitcase is back in Pine Valley so Pete has a rack of dresses delivered so she can find something to wear. All dressed up, they leave to paint the town red. She offers to let him share the bed, on top of the covers, when they return.

In Lea's office, Zach, Jesse and Lea track vehicles in a suspicious neighborhood on a monitor. They're disappointed one's a flower delivery. They leave when they get a call about something going down at the club.

In their room, Cassandra tries to convince the other two girls that her parents will find them. Nearby, Vlad tells Uri going up against a local pimp could mean war. Uri thinks it's more like squashing a cockroach. Uri gives Vlad a list of which girls are working which party.

At the diner, Billy's madam shares all she knows about the kinky sex and dirty stripping of their competition. Billy plans to show them what a real gentleman can do with the Lord on his side.

In town Billy meets his Bible friends to protest outside of Uri's establishment. Uri's man alerts him that all their girls are out of the club. He sends Uri a photo of Billy. The police try to break it up as Jesse, Zach and Lea arrive. Jesse recognizes Billy.

Wednesday’s Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Pete kisses Celia.

Opal argues with Evelyn.

Yuri wants Cassandra cleaned up for work.

Angie accuses Billy of taking Cassandra.

A teammate gives AJ drugs.

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- Violette DeSantis

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