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Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Pete tries to save Celia, JR gets ready to leave the hospital, and David and Bianca remember Marissa.

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At Bramwell, Celia refuses to leave and confesses she met someone. All Evelyn wants is for Celia to be happy but they are leaving tonight.

Pete meets Frank at Jane's. David overhears as Pete wonders where to get funding to re-launch the company. When Frank leaves David suggests Pete might want to listen to what he has to say. He offers to back Pete financially. Pete fears it would be a deal with the devil but will think about it. Celia calls about leaving for Europe. Pete tells her he'll take care of their problem.

Back at Bramwell, Evelyn lets Celia know the chauffeur's there. Pete comes in dressed in a uniform and exchanges a smile with Celia. He follows them out and deliberately drops a passport. Outside Evelyn can't find her passport and goes inside. Pete runs with Celia to his Porsche. Evelyn catches a glimpse of them driving off.

At the Chandler's, Dixie and Brooke discuss whether JR should recuperate there since that's where the shooting occurred. They believe it will be good for AJ.

Angie helps Jesse review train schedules at home. They think they've found the train station near where the girls are kept.

In the video shoot room, Yuri wants Cassandra to stop crying. Instead of leading man Marvin, he asks her to imagine her boyfriend or being locked in a room with Vlad where no one can hear her scream. Later Cassandra is bruised lying in the fetal position. Yuri threatens the next time may be a snuff film if she doesn't get it together. Vlad takes Cassandra to her room and the girls inside care for her. In the hall, Yuri discusses stepping it up and getting rid of the competition with Vlad.

In town Bianca's pleased Miranda has AJ. Miranda announces JR is awake. Bianca's angry and wants Miranda to stay away from him. Miranda refuses to bail on AJ. David finds Bianca alone and asks if they can share a moment for Marissa. They share their loss and love and David takes the time to blame JR for his part in it.

Cara gets JR ready to leave the hospital. He's sorry for everyone. Cara can't understand his forgiveness of David. JR wonders at the tension between her and David. Brooke and Dixie stop in to say he's going to the Chandler's. Brooke tells JR that she's in charge of CE and Adam won't change that. Alone, JR tells Cara he heard everything in his coma, including the part about her and David's baby being alive.

In a diner Billy Clyde Tuggle argues with his madam about him spending the girls' money.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Cara worries about what JR knows.

Celia takes off with Pete.

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