Look Out For Love.

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Opal visits Bramwell, AJ visits JR, and Zach gets acquainted with Sinnamon working her day job.

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At home, Opal interrogates Pete over his scratched cheek. He admits getting it climbing a trellis to beat Bramwell's curfew.

At the Chandler's, Miranda talks AJ into giving his dad another shot after Dixie arrives explaining JR feels horrible about what happened. They leave for the hospital. In another room, Celia tells Brooke she's been sneaking out of Bramwell to see Pete. They're surprised when Pete arrives with documents for Brooke. Alone Celia and Pete remember their last date and plan reservations for later.

Opal visits Evelyn Johnson at Bramwell. She's surprised when Opal introduces herself as the mother of the young man dating Celia. Opal hints Celia's been sneaking around but wants to make sure Celia's not in trouble for missing curfew. She offers to pay for the broken trellis outside Celia's window. Evelyn cuts Opal off and thanks her for her visit. Evelyn's waiting for Celia when she returns to her room. She surprises her with the news they are leaving immediately to travel Europe. Celia refuses to go.

At Jane's, Zach is telling Jesse about the strip club when Special Agent Lea Marquez of the FBI interrupts to arrest Zach. Zach remembers her as Sinnamon from the night before. Jesse takes responsibility for Zach's actions while assisting in a case. The agent claims it's a federal matter related to the Koslovs and money laundering. Jesse tells her it's time to check in with her DC branch since they're now dealing with sex trafficking.

At Lea's office, Zach explains he's being set up by the Koslovs. He doesn't have proof but isn't afraid of being arrested because he thinks Lea will do the right thing so they can find Cassandra in time.

At the hospital, Angie begs Amy to help. Amy shares what she remembers about the deplorable conditions in the darkened rooms where they were kept. Meanwhile, AJ visits JR alone in his room. JR won't ask for forgiveness because he can't forgive himself. He's sorry he can't remember why he came to the party with a gun. JR wants to be a better father. AJ pulls his hand away when JR pats it. Dixie comes in and AJ leaves abruptly. Later, Jesse meets Angie in Amy's room. Amy finally remembers hearing freight train sounds.

In her room, Yuri congratulates Cassandra for bringing in the money. He rewards her with a pill. She accepts but hides it under her mattress after he leaves. Outside Yuri tells Vlad to contact Marvin about their new talent so they can cash in before she's used up. Vlad doesn't think she's ready. Yuri smacks him and tells him not to think. Later Cassandra's brought in costume to a room with cameras. Yuri shoots her up with drugs while Marvin the beefcake dumps rose petals all over.

Tomorrow’s Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Pete works on a plan.

Someone returns to Pine Valley.

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