Smart Girl.

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Angie breaks down, JR has questions, and Miranda helps AJ.

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In JR's room, AJ says, "It's been a while." JR thinks he has the wrong room and is confused when AJ runs out upset. JR realizes it was AJ. Dixie walks in and stops JR from getting out of bed. She runs off to find AJ with the security guard. Alone, David enters JR's room and tells him to cut the crap when he's not sure why David is there. David explains now JR can experience what he did starting with a stint in prison for the murder of his daughter. Dixie returns and JR stops her from calling the police. He wants to know if he killed Marissa. Dixie blames David and tells him he's had his say. Cara reminds him about brain trauma, but David isn't buying it. JR says he'd feel the same if something happened to AJ. In another room, Jesse tells Angie where the young woman Amy was found while waiting for her to come to. Jesse's sure Cassandra won't end up this way. Amy awakes but is afraid. She doesn't recognize Cassandra's photo. Alone Amy tells Angie if they have Cassandra it's already too late. Angie breaks down outside. David finds her. She tells him what happened and leaves when Jesse returns. David asks how he could lie again to Angie after lying to her before a child they lost.

At home AJ picks up a bottle of alcohol and sets it back down. He smashes a glass to the floor and sits in the dark. Miranda arrives responding to his text. She comforts him as he shares his father doesn't know him. He thinks he's not important enough for his dad to remember. Miranda tells him not to do this and knows he's a great person and his dad will get better.

Backstage at the club, Cassandra throws a costume back at Yuri, the boss. He threatens to hurt another girl who pleads with Cassandra to pick up the costume. Vlad tells her she's a smart girl. Yuri tells her she's up next and slaps the other girl when Cassie hesitates. At the bar, the bartender asks Zach what he interested in, company or extra-curricular activities. Zach says, "Maybe a little bit of both." The bartender nods and Sinnamon approaches Zach and asks how green he is before he can get a backdoor pass. He confirms his wallet is very green and follows her. He misses Cassandra coming out on stage. She dances more freely as Yuri holds a hand to the other girl's throat. In another room Zach asks for some chocolate to go with his Sinnamon. Their time is up and he leaves. Sinnamon gives the bartender her necklace and asks for prints on their guest ASAP. Zach enters the strip room as Cassandra leaves the stage, missing her again.

Tomorrow’s Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:
Opal sticks her nose in where it doesn't belong.
David wants a new image.

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