What Happened To You?

Monday, May 13th, 2013

More pressure is put on Cassandra, Cara makes a confession to David, and JR asks who shot him.

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At the Chandler's, Miranda hugs AJ for being the greatest friend ever before beating him at a video game. She reminds him about practice and he remembers a great day he had with his father when she tosses him a baseball. Before leaving she tells AJ there's a chance to make things right with his dad.

In the locker room, David demands to know if Cara had an abortion. Cara pushes David back and admits to it. He accuses her, "You killed our baby." After what happened, Cara wouldn't consider having a child grow up with a murderer as a father. David blames JR for Marissa dying and Cara's abortion. Cara puts the blame on him. In his room, JR asks Dixie who shot him. Griffin arrives and asks what JR remembers last. He recalls Marissa being angry because he didn't do something. He asks Dixie if Marissa is still angry. They avoid his questions and tell him tests will be back soon. Griffin returns to the locker room. He's happy Cara stuck to the lie. He asks her to review JR's test results since she's sticking around Pine Valley for a while. Nearby, Angie worries about Cassandra. Jesse admits she's been kidnapped, possibly by sex traffickers. An officer interrupts that the girl he and Zach found has awoken. Angie's disappointed when Jesse gets nowhere. She breaks down when she enters the room and sees the girl battered and bruised. Cara and Griffin meet Dixie to announce JR suffers from retrograde amnesia and may display personality changes. Meanwhile AJ visits JR. He's smiles to see he's awake but is disappointed that JR doesn't know who he is.

At Jane's, Zach calls Chase to search down the owner of a website before meeting Bianca. Bianca's upset about what happened to Miranda. They consider with the internet there are no secrets and worry what will happen when Miranda finds out she was conceived during a rape. Zach offers to be there if Bianca tells Miranda before she finds out on her own.

Vlad brings Cassandra to the boss' office and offers her pills to relax. She thinks she's not the kind of girl he wants and confesses she's a virgin. He doubts it's true at her age but thinks it will pay if he can sell it. He pours alcohol down her throat and makes her practice dancing. She wants to go home. He tells her she can't; it's time to work now.

In line at a private club Zach gets someone's phone and transfers a bar code to his cell so he can get in. Inside is a strip club.

Tomorrow’s Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Miranda will help out a friend.

Does Sinnamon hold the key?

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