Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Jesse and Zach make a discovery, JR wakes up, and Miranda has a special night.

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Jesse and Zach go through trash behind the salon. They find a girl in the dumpster and get help. Zach thinks it's time Jesse tells Angie about Cassandra's kidnapping. Jesse holds the girl from the dumpster tight. Zach finds an item with an establishment's name on it in the trash.

Dixie rushes back into JR's room when she hears, "Mom." At the nurses' station, David grills Angie wondering why Cara is staying in Pine Valley. Angie hears Dixie call out excitedly about JR. Security stops David from joining them. JR remembers Angie but he's surprised he's been there five years. Alone he asks Dixie if she ever thought he wouldn't wake up. She answers, "Never." Outside, Angie leaves a message with Cassandra's roommate. David comes by again and Angie tells him to let it go. He's mad about losing his daughter. Cassandra's roommate calls and lets Angie know that Cassie left three days ago to visit Pine Valley. Jesse arrives and admits Cassandra is missing. In the locker room, Griffin asks Cara if she told David the truth. She didn't, but doesn't believe David bought it. Griffin thinks she can't hide forever. Cara knows David won't let it go. She needs to make sure he never finds out. David walks in and overhears. He was sure she was lying. He thinks she had an abortion.

A guy drags two girls into Cassandra's room. They're beaten. One girl is in a bad way and wants pills. Cassie asks what happened. The other girl says if you're bad they make you do it without pills. Cassandra doesn't understand. The girl advises her to remember the customer is always right. Vlad's boss comes to take Cassie away.

At Jane's, Celia tells Pete he could have mailed the locket. She didn't plan on seeing him again after what he was planning. He doesn't understand and tells her to go play games with someone else. She's happy to find out he was playing her before she fell for him. He chases after her. She tells Pete she overheard his friend discussing when Pete would score with her. Pete straightens it out and invites her to dinner sometime and takes her home. They sneak in her window and she considers seeing him tomorrow.

At the Chandler's, Miranda reads an invitation and follows flower petals up the stairs. She finds a dress AJ bought for her. It's perfect but she panics and tells him she's not going. AJ says, "Neither am I. Put on the dress and meet me downstairs." She joins him downstairs. They are both dressed for prom. He leans in for a kiss and she interrupts. He asks her to close her eyes. He guides her to a room set up for a private concert. Hot Chelle Rae performs while they dance.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Angie is shocked.

David thinks something different.

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