Ryan Explains to Kendall Why Zach is Guilty!

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

JR, Jamie & Zach attempt to steal the tapes from Derek's office. Annie meets with Jack and discusses Lily's safety. Jonathan gets Sean to keep a close eye on Lily and report back to him. Lily arranges to meet Terry in person.

Ryan Explains to Kendall Why Zach is Guilty! image

Kendall reconsiders Zachs' innocence.

Kendall tries to grasp what Ryan is telling her not believing that Zach could be capable of murder, even the likes of Madden. She demands to know everything Ryan knows about Madden's murder!

Ryan thinks that Zach killed Madden because of some proof Ryan obtained the CD was found at Kendall & Zach's place. Kendall realizes that Ryan tried to make JR pay for playing the CD at ConFusion. Kendall tells Ryan he's so unbelievable to do what he did. Ryan tries to tell Kendall she needs to connect the dots and understand that Zach was the one who recorded Madden in the grave! Kendall tells Ryan there's no way that Zach would ever lie to her about this!

Ryan considers what Kendall was saying about Zach being set up by someone else and agrees it could be possible! Kendall starts thinking about the big picture and starts having doubts about thinking Zach is innocent.

Jonathan working at ConFusion, decides no matter what Jack does to him, he has to keep watch of Lily at her house.

At ConFusion, Colby, Sean and friends party. They show the waitress fake ID's and order some drinks. Jonathan approaches the party and grabs the ID asking why he shouldn't call the police? Sean replies that they're family!

Sitting alone, Sidney walks up to Colby asking her why she's all alone? Colby snaps back - telling Sidney to go clean a bathroom or something! Sidney sits down to join her, enjoying their snarky banter. She tells Colby she wants her dress for the party and Colby laughs saying "in her dreams"! Sidney shows Colby she has pictures of her drinking and uses it against her to get her dress for "their" party!

Sean and Jonathan talk at the bar and he tries to convince Jonathan not to call the police. Thinking of how Sean can help him, Jonathan agrees not to. Jonathan tells him no more fake ID's! Jonathan continues, telling Sean that he is now going to do something for him. He continues telling Sean that he's going to keep a close eye on Lily and report everything back to him.

Annie comes to speak with Jack and apologize for Lily being in danger. Jack asks Annie if he should know who she is and she replies that her ex-husband was the man who attacked Lily. She tries to make certain Jack knows everything about her ex-husband Terry to ensure Lily's safety. Jack tells her if this is another ploy from the Lavery Brothers, to forget it. Annie replies that she is getting around the clock security and they are helping keep her safe. They are also actively looking for Terry and Jack should too as she hands him a picture of her ex.

Annie asks Jack if she can apologize to Lily but Jack jumps in telling her that Lily is not in any state of mind to even be reminded of Terry at this moment.

Upstairs Lily talks with Terry telling him how much she enjoys "IM'ing" him as he's her only friend at the moment. Terry asks if they can meet face to face soon? Lily talks about the internet rules of meeting anyone face to face. Terry asks her if that's for adults or children? She replies she is an adult and asks if he wants to be her boyfriend! She agrees to meet Terry and he convinces her to go to a quiet location without a lot of people.

At the station, Derek goes over the wiretaps from Tad's home. JR and Jamie arrive there to attempt to steal the tapes. They ask Amanda for help which she reluctantly agrees. She knocks on Derek's door and goes to talk with him. Looking through the window, JR & Jamie debate whether Derek has the tape of Tad on his desk. Amanda convinces Derek to head out for a coffee while they sneak into his office to steal the tapes.

Trying to "pick the lock", they fight over who could do a better job! Jamie finally breaks open the lock when someone enters the room catching them. They look up to see Zach and he thanks them for the tape. Zach asks them if it was going to be a repeat performance at ConFusion and play this tape too! They tell Zach to shut up about Tad because Tad just did the ultimate and he left town, possibly for good to save Dixie from jail and essentially Zach as well.

They refuse to let Zach leave with the tape warning they'll call the cops in Derek's office! Zach asks them if Tad convinced them of his and Dixie's guilt before he left? JR & Jamie tell Zach if he wants to leave, he can leave! They continue, telling him that they don't believe for one moment that Dixie is guilty. JR fakes pain in his head and Zach helps him sit down while Jamie "snatches" the tapes unknowingly from Zach's pocket.

Zach grabs the tapes back from Jamie and leaves the room quickly. The boys follow behind only to run into Amanda and Derek returning from their coffee!

Josh stands his ground not wanting to believe that Babe is asking him essentially to withhold evidence about who killed his step-father. Babe pleads with him and uses their friendship to convince him to keep quiet.

Josh tells Babe that he is going to the cops and nothing's going to stop him. He leans down and grabs some dirt where Madden lay and starts to cry. Babe watching him, has tears rolling down her face as well. Josh stands up screaming at Babe accusing her of brainwashing him for the way he feels. Babe stands her ground and stands up for her husband JR. She explains how selfless JR is to her and would do anything. Babe tells him he's the golden child but he can't see that!

Babe flirts with Josh as they talk about a song that Fusion is going to use for their campaign. Exchanging heated glances, Babe walks away from Josh.


Kendall tells Zach she's filing for divorce!
Babe tells Dixie to stop being selfish and plead guilty. Tad awakes to find himself in a coffin.

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