It's Been Nice.

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Cara tells David everything, AJ visits JR, and Zach and Jesse follow up on a lead.

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Dixie's surprised AJ's in JR's room. She thinks JR would be happy since he loves him so much. AJ believes if that were true then JR wouldn't have brought a gun to the engagement party and ruined all of their lives. Dixie blames David. David catches AJ leaving and apologizes. AJ isn't interested. Dixie comes out concerned. AJ tells her David didn't do anything. Alone, Dixie hears from Tad. David meets Cara and they take a walk. She explains everything that happened before and after the miscarriage and how she sent a courier to the states with a letter so he wouldn't think he had a baby when he didn't. He doesn't believe her and wonders if there's another reason she didn't see him personally. She tells him it's time to let it go. Back inside Angie's happy Cara told David everything but David thinks that was Cara's plan. He believes there's more to the story. Privately, Cara makes a call asserting to someone that no one should know why she was in the clinic. At JR's side, Dixie spills her worries about AJ and David out. She gets up to leave. JR wakes up and says, "Mom."

At home, Pete tries to reach Celia with no luck. Opal tells him a boy can only count on one woman, his mom.

At the Chandler's, Adam prepares to leave and promises to call AJ after his plane lands. Brooke indicates she'll keep an eye on AJ for him and Dixie. Adam worries about David being out of prison thinking David has an agenda. In the next room Celia tutors Miranda. Miranda's annoyed by the constant calls Celia's ignoring. They discuss their guy troubles and family history. AJ arrives and a corsage is delivered. Miranda won't go to the school dance and AJ's suspended anyway. Celia thinks there must be some way to cheer Miranda up. AJ smiles and disappears. Miranda confronts him when he returns and thinks he should talk to his father. AJ gets upset and leaves. Miranda finds a card addressed to her.

Zach and Jesse meet at Jane's. Angie bumps into them and wonders why Zach is still in town. She asks if Jesse has heard from Cassandra who isn't answering her texts. Alone, Angie asks Jesse what's going on. Meanwhile Jane asks Pete why a good looking guy like him is helping her instead of hanging out with Celia. He thinks Celia's not interested. Celia shows up. Pete brings over her lost locket. She thanks him. He says it's been nice talking to her and walks away. Outside Zach shares a new lead with Jesse.

Later, in Center City, Zach and Jesse break into the Fancy Finger Nail Salon.

Tomorrow’s Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Hot Chelle Ray visit Pine Valley.

AJ plans a surprise for Miranda.

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