Make Me Disappear.

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Miranda makes a decision, Cassandra gets help for her pain and Adam talks to JR.

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At the Chandler's, Bianca blames herself because Miranda's been bullied since grade school. Upstairs, Miranda refuses to go to school. AJ heads downstairs. Adam tells him that he's suspended. Back upstairs, Miranda apologizes to Bianca. She wants to disappear. Bianca remembers feeling the same at her age. Miranda tells AJ she going to transfer to Bramwell. He worries about how he will look in the uniform when he follows her.

Brooke drops off Celia's flash drive at Bramwell and compliments her on the flowers. Celia confesses to sneaking out with Pete.

At Jane's, Pete introduces Dillon Wilder the best coder in the west. Dillon hits on Jane and wonders why Pete isn't knee deep in babes. Pete excuses himself to catch Celia walking by outside. He invites her to dinner. She promises to meet him later. Inside Dillon rides Pete about how he's going to seal the deal. Celia returns and overhears Pete say he doesn't need a line with this one. She leaves before she hears him add how special she is. Later Peter can't believe he's been stood up.

Back at Bramwell, Celia throws out her flowers wondering how she could be so stupid.

At the Hubbard's, Jesse tells Zach he's gotten Ice involved. Zach finds out Koslov's son has expanded the family business. Jesse plans on gathering names of other missing girls in the area. Zach is going to dig up another lead.

In a room, Cassandra kicks food at her capture. He threatens her and leaves. Outside his boss asks about the commotion and warns he shouldn't be messing with the merchandise. He goes inside and apologizes for Vlad. Cassandra begs to go home. Taking off the handcuffs, he asks her to trust him. He gives her pills for the pain. In the hall he slaps Vlad for bruising her and delaying her shipping date. He gives Vlad the pills telling him to get her hooked.

Joe brings Dixie coffee to AJ's room. She explains Tad doesn't plan on returning until after his assignment. Later she returns and overhears Adam telling AJ who will be in charge while he's away. He adds he would do the same if AJ was able, saying what a failure and disappointment he is. Dixie interrupts asking him to find it in his heart to show a little kindness. JR's a victim too. Adam learns David is out and worries about AJ. Alone he tells JR he loves him and leaves.

Jesse visits other parents of the missing. He meets Zach in town. They discern there is no true pattern and time is running out.

Tomorrow’s Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Someone leaves Pine valley.

A truth is about to come out.

One mom gets an early Mother's Day gift.

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- Violette DeSantis

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