Stay Away.

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Angie gives David another chance, Miranda blames Bianca, and Zach searches for information on the Koslov's.

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At the hospital, Dixie freaks when she finds David in JR's room. In the doctor's lounge, Angie lets Cara know that David's out of prison. Cara doesn't get why Angie cares and feels the need to help him. Angie defends him and asks Cara to give him the closure he needs. Cara requests a permanent position on staff. A nurse interrupts about a commotion in JR's room. They find Dixie there claiming she witnessed David's hands around JR's throat. David explains he took a pulse when he saw JR's hand move. Angie asks Dixie to leave to examine JR.

At the Hubbard's, Zach yells at Jesse that it's not about kidnapping. Jesse gets an FBI agent assigned to Cassandra's case. It's confirmed the Koslov's are extremely dangerous and are branching out into human trafficking. Zach thinks Jesse has to tell Angie now. Alone, after Jesse argues with the FBI, Dixie calls upset. She accuses David of trying to kill JR.

At the coffee house, Jane breaks up AJ and Hunter and tells AJ to go find Miranda. Jane listens to a cell phone that recorded Hunter and Sally's conversation. She threatens to turn anyone involved into the police for corrupting a minor if she finds anything posted online. Later, Bianca bumps into Zach getting coffee. He asks about Kendall. Bianca says Kendall is moving on with her life and he should too. Jane interrupts and tells her what happened to Miranda. Outside Celia and Pete have coffee after a walk. She gets personal about Evelyn and her mystery guardian. Meanwhile AJ finds Miranda crying on a bench nearby. AJ reminds her that her mom is not a freak and neither is she. She feels bad AJ got hurt. He says it's nothing and takes her home with him. Around the corner out of earshot, Zach meets someone that owes his casino money. The kid tells Zach he has nothing on the Koslov's. He was shut down digging for information and isn't interested in losing his life over money.

At home, AJ texts Bianca that Miranda is staying at the Chandler's. Alone Miranda rips up the shirt her mom bought her for her date. Later Bianca interrupts them. AJ steps out and Miranda blames her mother for what happened.

Back at Bramwell, Celia gets ready for bed and is startled by an older male figure behind her as she glimpses in her mirror. She turns and no one is there.

Jesse meets Dixie and David at the hospital and threatens to arrest him for attempted murder. Angie tells them to shut up. She gives David a chance and offers to put security at JR's door. David gives Angie his prognosis on JR. Inside JR's room, JR opens his eyes.

Tomorrow’s Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Bianca is surprised by Miranda's feelings.

Celia overhears something.

Someone wakes up handcuffed to a bed.

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- Violette DeSantis

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