It's Me, Your Old Friend.

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Celia gets a surprise, David visits a patient, and Miranda has a date.

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At the mansion, Celia notifies Brooke she'll continue volunteering despite her guardian's wishes. Upstairs AJ helps Miranda get dressed for a date.

At home, Angie understands Zach couldn’t work things out with Kendall. He's happy they are safe. Angie reveals David is free. She believes they know and are plotting to put him back in prison. She confesses she's the one that went to the parole board.

At the hospital, David explains he didn't escape. Griffin tells him to say what he needs and to leave. David wants to know about their baby and why Cara didn't answer his letters. She thought she'd never see him again and had burned them all. David thinks that's what she was hiding. He asks if they had a boy or girl. She claims she told the doctor she didn't want to know and walks away. David turns surprised to see JR Chandler's hospital room. Inside, he reviews the chart and mocks the unconscious JR as he disables the alarms. He offers to help with the loose plug. He pushes the plug in the outlet and restores the alarms. David refuses to give JR the reprieve of death after the time he served for almost taking JR's life. David wonders who JR's target was that night when he shot someone by accident struggling with JR for the gun. He wishes he were a better shot afterwards when he deliberately shot JR over his guilt. David sees JR's fingers move and decides he can't let him live. He puts his hands around JR's throat. Elsewhere in the hospital Griffin tells Cara she did the only thing she could. He thinks fleeing will only give her away.

At Jane's, AJ comes in for his usual. Miranda asks if he's following them. He reminds her he thought they were going to the movies. She thinks the date is going well. AJ sees a blond sit down with Hunter. Miranda returns to her table. Hunter wants to go to Sally's party so they can get their freak on. Miranda is confused until he explains Sally swings both ways. Miranda runs off upset. AJ goes to Hunter and demands to know what happened. He hits Hunter.

Bianca visits Marissa's grave and shares her day's events. She's sad they're not doing this together.

Celia watches a video invite telling her to go to the window of her room. Pete is outside with a rose.

In the room where Cassandra's being kept, her kidnapper tells her to do as she's told. Covered in bruises she tries to avoid his advances.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

An adventure is in store for a rebellious one.

Jesse learns he has reason to worry.

Someone recovers.

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- Violette DeSantis

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